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  1. hi sorry for late response, I have tried using NVENC and x264, both weren't the best. I even upgraded ram to 32gb at 3200 MHz.
  2. Hi everyone and sorry if this is the wrong thread to post this under! so I recently started streaming on twitch with SLOBS (fortnite) and I wanted to switch over to apex legends because I switched the grind to that game. I notice that when I stream apex, it gets really laggy and choppy, but when I was streaming fortnite, it was perfect. Any help on how to fix this? PC Parts: Ryzen 7 3700x, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060, 16gb DDR4 Ram @ 3200 MHz Internet Speed: 538mbps download and 18mbps upload DISCLAIMER: I already tried to put video settings
  3. Sorry if this is the wrong thread to list this under, but I need help building a pc. I have previously had a ryzen 7 3700x build and I loved it but had to sell because it was distracting me from school. Now that I am done with school I want to pick back up, but haven’t been keeping up with what’s good anymore. my budget is $1,500 and I don’t need mouse, keyboard, headset, or monitor. I only need the PC. I play games like Fortnite, apex, valorant and gta 5 so they’re not super intensive but I might pick up some more intensive games so I would like it to be “future proof”.
  4. thank you! will definitely be doing some research on these parts!
  5. so, like an idiot, I sold my gaming pc like 3 months ago thinking that I did not need to play video games and that it was a big distraction! now here I am looking to buy another one. what is the best build for someone who is looking at like a $700-$800 budget in the US? I don't have a preference on AMD or Intel to be honest. just looking for a pc that will run games at about 200fps. I mostly used to play Fortnite and apex but now will play warzone. haven't been keeping up with the games and how intensive they are. if you have any ideas on what I should buy, please respond. thanks in advance!
  6. Which one of the two would be better?
  7. LavishLinc


    What psu would be optimal for a rig with these specs: gpu: Radeon rx 5700 xt cpu: ryzen 5 3600 RAM: Corsair vengeance lpx 2x8 sticks 3200mhz msi b450 gaming plus mobo my pc had been randomly shutting off lately, I’m assuming it’s a psu problem so I want to go update it.
  8. sorry didn't know I posted in the wrong forum. I will move it right now.
  9. NA W servers looking for a squad who can help me improve Only been playing for a week 130 games in 8 wins highest kill game is 9 kills .90 KDR
  10. Looking for competitive players to play arena and possibly grind squad tournaments preferably PC unless you’re cracked on the sticks NA WEST servers only
  11. also also could it maybe be that my pc case is a mid size not full so it doesn’t get enough airflow?
  12. Well it’s happened twice since I “disabled” runtime broker so I’m gonna go ahead and order a new psu /:
  13. Could it be that my cpu is set to run at 3.6 and while gaming it’s constantly at 3.9 ish?
  14. True. Hopefully with a new psu all this mess gets cleared up