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  1. I just installed a fresh copy of debian 10 on my new intel nuc. I installed net-tools and wireless-tools. Then I unplugged the hdmi so i can ssh into it from my desktop. In ssh login I cannot run the ifconfig command (and a few other networking tools) but I can run /sbin/ifconfig Why can't I run the ifconfig command?
  2. careful with batteries. some people sell junk batteries
  3. We use nas at work coz it services many devices and we use more data than can fit on one disk. I have no idea why anyone would use an Enterprise solution at home. I'm using Intel nuc as a router and nextcloud server for our phones. I don't need more than that
  4. I would swap cars with someone or insure the car and set it on fire. lol make it look like the GPS unit started the fire!
  5. im pretty sure you qualify as a refugee in canada. Also their welfare system will pay your bills for you.
  6. this website says your cpu draws 45W idle and 78W at load https://www.bit-tech.net/reviews/tech/intel-core-i3-3220-review/7/ I think that is quite a lot compared to a new low end CPU. I'm using an intel nuc as a server coz it was cheap and is made from laptop parts. I dont know if it is any good as a media server. I dont know what media requirements are. As a router and simple fileserver with nextcloud it works really well. I bought my intel nuc as a stock clearance item and i think it the price of it was around $100 USD for just the nuc and ram. I dont think you need redunda
  7. Intel is using QLC. From the reviews I saw on youtube it looks like QLC is only good for gaming. Your data doesn't get over-written much in gmaing so the negatives of QLC shouldnt be noticed. I have two intel 660P. I have not had it very long. I just did a backup with clonezilla last week, from one intel to another, and it took about one hour to do around half a terabyte, if that means anything to you.
  8. Linus doesn't use AMD because he is being manipulated by interdimensional aliens and hilary clinton.
  9. there are switches/relays that detect current. All you need to do is find in your house the cable that goes to the shed, cut the external insulation and pull away the live wire, and slap one of these switches on it. e.g. https://www.aliexpress.com/i/33004812581.html
  10. You might be interested in this from 2013. 2 minutes in John talks about functional programming.
  11. pick up your pc. have your friend pick up his xbox. walk three paces. turn. Fight!
  12. have you tried sending an email from a free & privacy focused competitor to your gmail address? I find Tutanota and proton mail go straight to gmail's spam.
  13. I'm on the side of the comedian but there is a small % of western society that believe free speech is hate speech and other sorts of orwellian language manipulation. They are vocal and annoying. This is why i deleted my facebook account and started a clean one without any offensive jokes. I dont want some of the shit i said coming back to hurt me. Life was simpler before the internet. It's 2019 and you can only tell jokes with a sock puppet account over an encrypted network. We have our freedom only as long as we can have encryption and anon accounts online.