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  1. OP, Europe does not buy their stock from the US. America has nothing to do with Europe buying GPUs whatsoever so no, their tariff has nothing to do with Europe.
  2. To be honest I think Nvidia panicked in the beginning when AMD announced their shit and quickly started working on another model to beat them but now that things calmed down and everyone has figured out that Nvidia still gives you more FPS and features than AMD and that AMDs figures were flawed as they did not use ray tracing there is not really any need anymore for another 3080 model. They only need to pump out another version if AMD becomes a threat and to be fair, they really aren't. People with no budget are still going with Nvidia. DLSS is so stupidly overpowered that there really is
  3. https://www.ebuyer.com/1135820-xpg-spectrix-d60g-3600mhz-c14-16gb-2-x-8-gb-ddr4-memory-ax4u360038g14c-dt60 you could settle for 2x8. do you actually have a need for this or is this just some g4m3r bs you want to post on your guild discord to show off? as far as i know no game needs 32 gb nor is there any indication that this will change.
  4. OP you said it doesn't show up in partition or BIOS. Does this mean you already have storage drives installed? Have you tried plugging all storage drives out except the new one and then see if it is detected?
  5. I bought my Sennheiser HD 650 in 2014. Obviously they are fairly worn out and some of the cushioning is gone. If I put them in this state on eBay I doubt anyone would want them but I was considering getting replacement parts on eBay which cost only around £20 or less and replace all the cushioning. They should then look pretty much like new then since there is nothing else wrong with them. I also have the old box they came with which is in pristine condition and also literally looks like new. - My question is whether this would work and if people would be intereste
  6. I doubt they are going to wait until March considering Nvidia is announcing their 3060 on the 12th.
  7. AMD and Nvidia are both releasing their budget line up this month, the RTX 3050/3060 and AMD 6700/6700 XT which will most likely cost something around $300 and be really good 1080p cards. If this isn't urgent I would wait and see how those cards perform. Worst case scenario the older cards become cheaper so you it is a win/win either way. If you only buy a GPU first you might get some better performance but the CPU will be bottlenecking so in the end you're gonna have to buy a GPU and CPU both which is why I would save up until you can get everything in one go. By then the new cards will
  8. Since you are upgrading for the main purpose of gaming I would recommend you hold off buying anything at all until you can also upgrade your graphics card. The GPU is the most important factor which will ultimately decide your performance. Spending a lot of money on buying a new CPU, etc. will cost you a lot but not give you any performance or perhaps just a little bit. If you are desperate for performance I would save up until you can also buy a new GPU and until then the other parts will most likely have gone down in price as well.
  9. Get a 3600 and keep it even if the prices go down on the 5600. There is no point to spend money needlessly. Just because there is a new generation it doesn't mean that you must buy the new products instead. The 5600X is too powerful for a 3060 Ti and there is no need whatsoever to get one. The most important factor when it comes to gaming is the GPU. The 5600X is not going to magically boost your fps to another level. What you said about CPU and high resolution does not matter here. You probably heard that in videos where they used a RTX 3090 on 1080p. If you want to have hundreds and hun
  10. Because "business" has nothing to do with "making money and profit". That's caveman logic that children use on the internet. Nvidia is more than happy to make zero profit this year, completely zero, nothing, as long they can ensure that AMD stays the underdog. AMD had to spent a lot of money on R&D to get to where they are right now, in a competitive place, and if AMD cannot make a BIG chunk of profit on their new cards they will be in big trouble because they cannot just keep pumping moiney into their GPU R&D if it is not getting them any money back and this is why Nvidia do
  11. Because Nvidia is a business and not a fan club for geeks to obsess with. Nvidia has to push out new cards to ensure that they are not only better than AMD but FAR AHEAD. By doing this they are forcing AMD to release new cards as well and if AMD can't then they're done because they will continue being the underdog. AMD had to work very hard to get the performance they have right now whereas Nvidia has a lot of further performance that they kept away from consumers. Nvidia wants to ensure nobody has any reason at all to buy an AMD card just like last gen when nobody cared about gettin
  12. I don't care about Intel but they better not do this or there is going to be more demand for TSMC, etc. which already have barely any stock and then the GPU shortage will literally never end, literally. The thing a lot of people don't seem to understand is that companies do not just magically manufacture more because "they love money so so so very much". There is a very long process behind upping production. Companies want to own as few factories as possible while selling as much as possible because in the worst case scenario when demand decreases they need to sell those factories off or someh
  13. OP I would leave everything as it is and wait for CDPR to release the big patches. Apparently they are going to be releasing two big patches until March which are meant to fix a lot of things and also improve the performance. If you are lucky you may be able to play CP2077 properly without upgrading but if you do have to upgrade at least by then the shortage issues will be gone so it's a win/win for you either way.
  14. The cryptocurrency market has to die. From a logical and rational point of view it makes no sense whatsoever to convert electricity into an online currency. It literally has zero purpose. No I don't care that it helps you dodge taxations or that you are able to make an income from this. Electricity usage is already high enough in the world, we don't need morons running graphics cards day and night for nothing more than just money making reasons. I doubt Americans are able to understand my argument or care too much about environmental consequences but I can definitely see the EU stepping in one
  15. OP, if you want to play at 4K then the 3080 makes sense but if money is a factor for you, and it obviously is since you are asking if it's worth it, then no, don't buy it. Due to the 4K tax you will always be forced to keep buying the new high end models to be able to run the resolution and unless you swim in money and are happy to splash out a thousand on a new graphics card every two years you shouldn't bother with 4K. I know it sounds fancy but it isn't worth it. The 1080 was called a 4K card in all reviews when it came out and look at it now. I would highly suggest settlin
  16. You will not be able to get any decent improvements and you will just have wasted money for nothing. Just stick to your computer and if you are desperate for more frames lower the settings.
  17. You guys are just desperately looking for things to whine and ridicule. This is not weird at all because the purpose of the negotiations was what to keep and what to change so of course they are not going to rewrite the agreement but copy pasterino what they keep and what they change or leave out and the things that you found were simply things they kept because nobody cared about them. It's not a big deal. In the UK there is still an ancient law that allows the English to kill the Irish at a certain day in the year at a certain time and they never changed it because there was never a need and
  18. I knew managers who searched the mobile number on the CV on Facebook and found the employee's account and just hired the prettiest girl. Discrimination happens a lot, people just don't know about it. In the UK employers also like to discriminate based on your post code since there are posh post codes and of course poor post codes where poorer households live.
  19. I was looking forward to the 3060 but then I heard that the 6700 will use like 150 watt which is 25% less than the 3060 so if it can match the performance I rather go with the AMD version. I wish Nvidia cared more about power consumption. PC power consumption has to go down. It was even on the news a while back.
  20. I have two monitors which were very expensive £700/£1200 and they have a different brightness. If they were bad random monitors I would get it but they are obviously good ones. They are both on factory settings and on default profiles. It really bothers me because they are next to each other. Monitor 1 is the Acer XB270HU bought in 2015 Monitor 2 is the Asus ROG Swift PG248Q bought in 2017 Is there anything I can do to fix this? I would rather have the system decide the brightness instead of sitting here trying to guess brightness settings to make them the same or is
  21. The sad thing about humanity is that every single time you give people anonymity people become vile, hateful and worse. If you gave people a button that killed a random African but in return paid $1m into their account and nobody will ever know people would press it in a millisecond. The idea of freedom of speech with zero limits does not work and will never, ever work. The only people who disagree are people who are out of touch with civilization and don't have too much social contact so they stick to their imaginary ideology. The vast majority of humanity still consists of brainless monkeys
  22. The reason why the 3060 is getting 12 GB VRAM is the same reason the 3080 Ti is getting released. AMD. Nvidia most likely has found out how much VRAM the budget AMD cards (6700/600) are going to be getting and upped the VRAM to beat their numbers. I see people here talking about what the cards "need" but these things have nothing to do with what is "needed". They need to make sure that their cards have "bigger numbers" than the competitor cards irrelvant of what is "needed" which is the only reason Nvidia is releasing the 3080 Ti. The vast majority of people have no ide
  23. You are cherry picking stats. My link was regarding profit whereas yours is regarding numbers of phones sold. Apple will always lose in this category as their main selling point is that iPhones are pricey and higher quality so they will never sell more phones than Samsung whereas Samsung loves catering for poorer people who don't want to or can't spend a grand on a phone. It makes no sense to even look at this. So if some business sells more cheap headphones than Sennheiser who sells audiphile quality headphones, are you going to say that they are the market leader and not Sennheiser? No.
  24. This is not correct. Apple is larger than Samsung when it comes to smartphones alone and therefore they lead the market with trends which everyone follows. They removed the headphone jack and everyone followed them, they turned smartphones into a fashion icon and everyone follows. If it wasn't for Apple the smartphone industry would be a lot smaller and less profitable but they made it accessible to clueless people and catered to them. Before Apple smartphones were mainly used by tech savvy people or for business use. It doesn't matter how you look at it but Apple is the market leader here and
  25. Samsung is just following the industry standards set by Apple so you can't really fault them there. Either way this is really good for the environment. Most people throw chargers and headphones away and end up having too many of them. Usually when people sell their phones they just sell the device and keep the rest. Most people here probably have excess chargers and headphones at home and many people even buy premium ones anyway so giving people cheap ones together with their new phone is just a waste. They're not exactly expensive either should one have to buy them. Electrical waste is a