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  1. Im looking for upgrades and cyber monday is here, now i dont want to upgrade my gpu, and i already have a good ssd, now im thinking of buying 4tb wd blue, but what do you think are the thingS to look to upgrade?
  2. I have galaxy s10 5g sm-g977N which is Korean, with some korean "features", but im a usa user and dont know any korean, so its more like nuisance. The usa model code are sm-g977U/T (verizon/T-mobile). Is it possible to flash it? Or will it destroy something? Because its a different model code.
  3. Ive got a weird problem (not really a problem), i have an rx 580 8gb and for some reason i just cant overclock it over 1440 Mhz, and Im only able to do it on Raden adrenalin software, because when i try to do it on msi afterburner the computer freezes if i try to overclock it from 1411 Mhz (base) to 1412Mhz...... which is like meh? you think its just the silicon lottery?
  4. thx a lot, ill wait then. should be on september or october?
  5. ah i see, thx. you think the architecture is something that will be improving more than say more cuda cores or more streams?
  6. so you say i should buy the 3000/ big navi cards? wont they be really expensive for what i need? i dont need the absolute top end
  7. hmmm, you're right, itll drop in prices.. but dont they release cards on april (next year)? but i dont know if getting the higher end cards (like 2060 or 2070) will do better than like 1080 super or 5600 xt if i dont use the streaming nor rtx
  8. I want to upgrade my rx 580 8gb for a better 1440p card, to play shadow of the tomb raider and borderlands 3 on high res. if i dont care about rtx, is there really a reason to buy the 20s? or if i buy like a 1080 or a 1660 its better than 2060 or 2070 (all variants) and should i go for rx 5600/5700 xt? cause i dont really care about streaming on it
  9. for starters, thx a lot, ill check the pwm control. second thing: it just shuts it down, no warning, no nothing
  10. so what do you suggest? and can you give me instructions on that?
  11. hi, im using a ryzen 2700x with stock fan (with the pre-applied thermal paste) with no overclocking, crucial balistix sports lt ddr4 3200Mhz (overclocked to 3400, i think cl 18), asrock b450m pro4 and sabrent rocket nvme ssd 512 gigs. sometimes (couldn't figure out a pattern) when i startup my cpu the fan suddenly starts running at 100% (sometimes until i get to the desktop, and sometimes it pulses from normal speed to 100% every 2-ish seconds). another weird thing that's happening is that twice already when i unplugged the Ethernet cable the computer just shut down... ag
  12. that aoc monitor has 250 cd/cm, it doesnt really matter right?
  13. im from Israel, and thx for the tip, is there any other spec i need to look out for? like that big 1000:1 or some thing like that? and the 350 cd/cm?
  14. its not out in my country yet, do you have another monitor that can work for me? i have rx 580 8gb so i dont think i need 1440p gaming, and i do like at least 144hz, and i prefer 24''... The problem im facing is that there are so many specs to think about, that i dont know what is really important, cause i see 2 monitors with the same specs and a difference of 30$ from each other, and i cant see why, so im kinda scared to buy something overpriced when i can get the same or even better for less and skip things i dont need