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  1. I am writing about different storage devices and categorizing them. I want a single word that categorizes storage devices like NVME PCIE SSD's internal SSD's, external SSD's, internal HDD's and external HDD's, but not NAS'es connected through LAN or offsite "devices" like a private server or paid cloud service. I tried words like "Physical" or "Wired" but those would also include NAS's and local servers, is there a word here that's staring me in the face that I don't know? Thanks for your time, it's a weird question I know.
  2. You guys are such fucking heroes, I would have spent hours looking for that. Thank you so much!!
  3. You guys are such fucking heroes, I would have spent hours looking for that. Thank you so much!!
  4. Hey guys, really awkward formulation in the question because I am not really sure what the terminology is, but I can explain it perfectly with the problem I have: I am making a huge spreadsheet that uses Letters as name for both the x and y axis, and I could name each cell manually but it would be way faster if excel could do this for me. Here are the images of what I am trying to do, and the abstract "formula" I want. Is there any way to make excel do this? I want it to take the numbers of the marked cells in the formula and spell out the letter in the cells after each other in a si
  5. I want to start doing as many things as possible on my pc instead of in physical form. This inlcudes reading, buying and storing books, so I want to have a library of my favorite books in pdf format on my NAS so I don't depend on for example Amazon to keep using their kindle format. I think I read that the amazon ebook format's drm has been cracked and is therefore easily converted to pdf online, is this true? Can I count on amazon's drm to stay cracked or is there a better way of doing this alltogether? Do I have to use other less used stores to get the files in pdf-format from the beginning?
  6. I want to create a pc where the fans are off under most light load, but when the temperature sensors connected to a commander pro detects a high temperature all the case fans turn on. Does the icue software or any software that can control a commander pro have this option? (I want this to only turn on when the case turns hot from the heat of the graphics card, therefore I can't use the cpu temp as the trigger in the bios or other software)
  7. Thanks for a clear and great answer, I'm guessing the only thing you're giving up for the uncontested compatibility is the ability to include a photo? (without getting around it by using say, a weblink to a photo)
  8. I want to make a locally stored list of all my friends', and family's names, emails, phone number, addresses, maybe photo etc. What would be the cleanest, most future-proof way to do this? My first thought was to store each contact as its own docx / odf document (or one long document) for easy compatibility, but after googling for a few minutes I now realise that there are formats like VCF and CSV specifically for this usecase. Has anyone made something similar / have some knowledge of this that they want to share? What are the safest and best formats and programs? Thanks for the time.
  9. I'm studying for my IT-exam and one of the basics here is that every pixel uses byte and bits to store information. The text book is a bit outdated so it says that "we use 3 bytes to store color information for each pixel, and we call this 24-bit color depth." Now this confused me a bit because I have a pretty high-end color accurate monitor that has "10-bit color". Now after doing some digging online I now learned that there is something called bits per component and bits per pixel. Am I correct when I guess that the book was referring to the bits per pixel of an image, while my monitor has 1
  10. If the case fans are connected with a commander pro and controlled by the corsair software, can it turn the fans completely off when the components are cool enough?
  11. Thanks for the useful information. I think I am going to go with the ODF-format because I might switch to libreoffice in the future and I want my documents to be as readable as possible, but I am going to be using microsoft word for now, do you know / think that microsoft will disable its own doxc-exclusive features when editing an ODF-document or will they look good in the word-software and then get ruined when the file is saved or some weird thing like that?