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  1. I can see this is just as puzzling to everyone else. So to add to this, when i uninstall and reinstall the logitech gaming software, it works fine for a while. Then it just stops at some point. There has got to be a conflict somewhere.
  2. Here is a puzzler for you all. I have the logitech g560 gaming speakers. These require the logitech g hub to operate to it's fullest. I started having ausio issues in gaming where certain sounds were just not there. I uninstalled the logitech driver and everything works fine, but all the features you buy the gaming speakers for are useless. Is there something in windows that is causing this conflict? It just started recently, and can't roll back the driver.
  3. Judging by the lack of replies, I'm gonna have to assume this isn't possible, lol
  4. Ok, so I'm trying to make a decent retro PC with as many windows os's as possible and the most powerful graphics card possible. Obviously this presents and issue when running windows 2000 as nobody supports it now. I wanted to start my retro PC rig from windows 2000 til vista and use 1 card. My 750 TI has drivers for XP and Vista, bot not for 2000. My 9800 gtx has a driver for all three, but is not as powerful. Is it possible to use both cards in the same rig, but assign widows 2000 to the 9800 and xp/vista to the 750 TI?