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    AleksiDj73 got a reaction from RockSolid1106 in Why does backup and sync from google appear every now and then even though i uninstalled it?   
    Oh crap how didn't i forget to add what you said in the top? When backup and sync downloads, it downloads 3 more apps as well (well not exactly apps but you get the point), one is docs but i don't remember the other 2 so in total it's the 1 main app and 3 additional
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    AleksiDj73 reacted to PineyCreek in How often should i charge my phone to 100%?   
    I don't use it just for phone calls, but I was indeed making that point. The throttled up CPU and GPU and screen activity are the biggest draws of power, naturally, and unless you're using speaker phone the phone will turn off the screen as soon as your face gets close to the screen.  I guess my point was that it's still usable and holds a charge.  Not as well as when it was new (because...duh), but it's not a situation after four years where even if I start a game up I immediately need to plug it in.  For comparison, I've never owned a handheld gaming system other than my phone, and it still hasn't become a hassle.
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    AleksiDj73 got a reaction from Electronics Wizardy in Recorded at 4k, should i render it as 1080p or 4k?   
    I very rarely record videos using my phone and upload them on my YT channel. This is like 1/50 situation. It's not like i upload videos that are recorded on my phone regularly, it's very rare so uploading a 4k60fps video once in like 2-3 months won't hurt anyone. I mostly make videos on my computer and the 60fps there DOES make a difference because i have set OBS to record at 60fps and i record at 1080p60fps, it's not 4k everywhere, it will be 4k only when i record using my phone and that will be like every 2-3 months.
    You said that the 60fps footage normally goes through battery and network. If i'm being truthfully honest dude, that's not my issue and i don't really care about it. If their network cannot handle the quality or they have low battery, they can always lower the quality, they have the option to do that. I am a tutorials channel and i don't like uploading my videos plain 30fps because it just looks sluggish and weird. I don't think anyone will complain saying that i upload my videos at 60fps and not 30fps because that's just stupid, it's like telling me "make your next video 30fps or i will unsubscribe", no lol, that's not gonna happen, because someone said that, that won't change my mind anytime soon because only 1 person said that. Anyways, i get what you mean and thanks for that
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    AleksiDj73 got a reaction from RTX 3090 in Charged my phone till 81%, shutted down at night, booted it up in the morning and it shows 83%   
    Gotcha gotcha. Yeah i'd rather wait till the warranties expire and then do f**k all to my phone lol but i will do a free battery replacement few days before the battery warranty expires even though the degradation of my phone will be very small by then but yeah, if i try to replace the battery myself, i'd wait till the warranty expires
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    AleksiDj73 got a reaction from podkall in If my PSU dies cuz of age, will other components die as well?   
    I wouldn't call it a very very bad unit when it has literally survived more than 7 years, it has done a phenomenal job for that kind of PSU but i get what you mean
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    AleksiDj73 got a reaction from Tristerin in CPU cooler fan, push or pull?   
    Gotcha gotcha. I mean, i will try putting the fan in the other side one day and see if there is a difference at all, if not, then i will put it to where it was but i am very happy with that CPU cooler cuz i OCed my i5-750 from 2.8 to 3.6 and i get max 62c when gaming and 32c when idling which is crazy because before that i had the Intel stock cooler and you know what it was like with that cooler lol. I tested the new cooler ofc without the CPU being OCed and i got 50c max when stress tested and 28c or so when idling which is very impressive for a 27 euros cooler. With the Intel cooler I got 80c in WINTER times lol and in summer, 99c without a doubt but hey, it was not OCed, imagine. Anyways, i will put the fan in the other side and if doesn't make a difference, i will put it to where it was.
    Oh also, i used the included thermal paste that the cooler had and it's really good, it's not liquidy so it has like a nice consistency. Fun thing is that the leftover thermal paste has still like 2-3 more uses which i'm really happy.
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    AleksiDj73 got a reaction from Tristerin in CPU cooler fan, push or pull?   
    My mobo is a GA-P55M-UD2 and i have indeed 4 DIMM slots and i have 4 RAM sticks installed but pretty sure there should be enough space for it cuz the fan is quite small so yea. I should've listed my PC specs before but i thought no one would need them lol but here we are you asking me what mobo i have lol.
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    AleksiDj73 got a reaction from DoctorNick in PSU fan orientation?   
    That how i have it but i thought changing the fan of the PSU and having it the other way would make the PSU cooler lol, in other words i mean that changing the fan upside down so the fan sucks air from the PSU and throws it inside the case but nah that sounded dumb af lol ah well, thank you bud!
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    AleksiDj73 got a reaction from aDoomGuy in How does my case take air from the front when i don't have an intake fan?   
    That's a good idea you know, idk why i haven't thought it but honestly, i'm just better of buying a new case cuz the current case i have is like 12-13 years old lol. I could buy like a 80mm fan and zip tie it to the front of the case idk, i'll see what i can do.
    Nah, temps wise with the Intel stock cooler, the CPU in general is NOT fine lol, it is a joke, playing CSGO 1080p low settings, above 90c lol, wtf is that. I will buy however a new CPU cooler in a few days hopefully so i'll be good on that part.
    Dust is impossible to keep out from a case, even if you have the most beast cooling you have on your case, you will see some dust after a while but the good thing is is that you can decrease the amount of dust. Also, no one's PC is dust free tbh so yea
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    AleksiDj73 got a reaction from aDoomGuy in How does my case take air from the front when i don't have an intake fan?   
    I get you lad, thanks for the detailed explanation. I clean out my case (and components ofc) every month or so so it's not like i leave it build up dust or anything, i literally cleaned out my case 40 mins ago so yea. Cooling is not terrible, it's mediocre. Here's the thing, if my exhaust fan runs at 550 RPM, the GPU temp will be 57c lol, when i turn up the exhaust fan to 1100 RPM, the GPU temp goes to 45c in like 10 mins so that's why i have my exhaust at 1100 RPM at all times.
    Fun fact, i watched LTT's video today about the 3 PCs benchmark for the airflow specifically and it was quite interesting to say the least and it makes sense