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  1. I get you lad, thanks for the detailed explanation. I clean out my case (and components ofc) every month or so so it's not like i leave it build up dust or anything, i literally cleaned out my case 40 mins ago so yea. Cooling is not terrible, it's mediocre. Here's the thing, if my exhaust fan runs at 550 RPM, the GPU temp will be 57c lol, when i turn up the exhaust fan to 1100 RPM, the GPU temp goes to 45c in like 10 mins so that's why i have my exhaust at 1100 RPM at all times. Fun fact, i watched LTT's video today about the 3 PCs benchmark for the airflow specifically and it was
  2. I thought that as well but you are right cuz i turned the the exhaust fan from 1100 to 600 RPM and i saw a small noticeable difference in the intake but how is that happening? I mean, the exhaust fan is in the other side of the case and the case is a mid tower size it's not like a SFF or something like that so how does the exhaust fan take air from the front when the exhaust fan is in the back? But at least it's sucking air which is good i guess
  3. This is a dumb question but i want to know how that happens. I have an old case from like 2007 and haven't changed it since. I cannot give you the exact google photo or take a photo of my case cuz i cba lol, well i cannot find the google photo cuz it doesn't seem like it exists. Anyways, to put that in context, picture a simple case from 2007-2008, black color without any intake fans with small little holes in the front, idk how to describe it better, anyways. I do not have any intake fans and the only fans that are currently working is the CPU fan, PSU and exhaust fan, GPU fans are off cuz th
  4. For this cooler specifically, it's not pre attached to the cooler. On the reviews, the fan was separate and not with the cooler attached. Gotcha gotcha, i do not have a top exhaust to the rear exhaust should do just fine hopefully
  5. Oh also something last, because this is the first time buying a cooler like this (yea first time lol), there is a fan inside in the box (from what i saw from the vids about that cooler), the most logical thing to put the fan would be next to the exhaust fan right? So that the hot air immediately leaves the case.
  6. Hmm, okk. Well ofc it's worse than the 212 duh. Nah, reapplying thermal paste won't help at all, trust me it won't. I mean, i will buy it and see the temp differences
  7. Lol my stock cooler stands no chance right now if i'm being honest cuz in summer, boy oh boy, it gets at 99c when i log on to Windows lol but thanks for the help! I wanted a more detailed explanation as to why this is good but don't worry, i've read many reviews but i wanted to see what your guys' opinion was.
  8. Hello everyone, English is not my mother tongue so i hope you understand what i say. So, in a couple of weeks time, i will probably buy a new CPU cooler and because i'm on a budget, i have to get the best bang for the buck CPU cooler cuz for some reason, on my local electronics shop there are no cheap CoolerMaster CPU coolers like it did last year (probs they went out of stock or they got rid of it from the shop, anyways) and the next "cheapest" CPU cooler was a liquid cooler lol and it was around 65 euros or so and it's way out of my budget. The Alpenföhn CPU Cooler SELLA is 27 euros and it f
  9. Yea lol my cooling's off cuz i have a case from 2008 and haven't replaced it since so that's why it sits around at that temp I know i know but money is an issue especially with the pandemic right now and it has made things worse so idk when i will be upgrade my cooling but i'll see Nah not really, it's just at the default settings, haven't touched anything expect the GPU fans and that's it.
  10. Really? Wow, i don't see this everyday especially from strangers telling me that i have better grammar than some Americans. Pretty sure i have made a few or many mistakes on my post but i appreciate what you said
  11. Yea you are right, idk why i'm like worried about my friend lol but i appreciate your help!
  12. I mean, you're wrong but cooling it that much is just not necessary cuz it's just idling doing nothing and not only that, the GPU fans collect dust so it's a minus in a way
  13. Hello everyone, first of all English is not my mother tongue so i hope you understand what i say. I have a Gigabyte 1050 Ti 4GB Windforce version and i have my GPU fans turned off when browsing the web, watching YT etc and only turning them on when gaming. So right now my GPU is at 46c with fans turned off. The highest i've seen with fans off was at 56c. Now, when my friend was screen sharing and showing me his PC a few days ago, he went to MSI Afterburner and i see that he had set manually the fan speed to i think it was either 50 or 60% and his GPU was sat at 28c. This raises the question, s
  14. No worries, all good! Yea fan seems to be working just fine running max 1080 RPM, in winter times, this will be a quiet system
  15. Temps are fine, old the GPU temp has increased a little bit but no worries, everything else is fine
  16. Hello everyone, first of all English is not my mother tongue so i hope you understand what i say. So, i had an old case fan for many years, i think like 8 years or so? Not sure, somewhere there and it ran around 1000 RPM and tweaking the speed from SpeedFan, i managed to make this fan run at 1800 RPM on good days. Lately that fan started dying, it started sounding like it was hitting something but it did not. When it started making that sound, the fan started dropping speed eventually going to 73 RPM then run back up to 1000 RPM which was weird. It vibrated my whole desk lol, it was weird so i
  17. The slow format just finished and by the looks of it, nothing has changed, the bad sector is still there but tbh, how anything would change for a 10+ years old HDD after a slow format? That could work in newer HDDs that are 5 years old or so but don't think it would work in 10+ years old ones
  18. I don't know. I have a 500GB SSD, it's not like it's a 240GB SSD or something. I will see what will happen, as i said, i have to buy the CPU cooler first then probably the HDD or a new PSU. Also, no need to recommend me on what HDD to buy, i am an advanced computer specialist, so i know what i do and say
  19. Because i do not live in the US, i live in Greece so we have €. Well, a 1TB HDD here is 41€ and a 2TB is 69€ (cheeky number lul) almost a 20€ difference. Dude, trust me, i'm not a hard gamer that i will download 5.000 games and fill my HDD to the maximum, i ain't that guy, a 1TB is enough for me, 2TB overkill
  20. I understand but still, 2TB is overkill, probably not going to buy a storage drive right now, i have to buy a new CPU cooler first then i'll see what happens. I'll just use it either way, it hasn't long to live either way
  21. Lol, that HDD is having a fun time formatting with 500ms response time, damn
  22. Gotcha. Looks like it will take a while, looks like it's at 4%