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  1. Well i care about my phone, i ain't the type of person to say f all to my phone and not take care of it at all. If the fact is to charge between 15-20 till 80-90% to increase the longevity of battery and not drain faster, why not do it? No point to not to. If the fact is that, i should at least test it myself for like a year or so and see the results myself. Charging from 15-100% is rather carelessness simply because if you do not care about your phone, then ofc you will charge it at 100% not giving an f about your phone. I will see myself the results and will make my own conclusions to see if
  2. Thanks for the reply! Yeah Sony phones, not Samsung lol. I use a software called AccuBattery and i have set it to charge till 80% but that though won't make my phone stop charging, when my phone reaches 80%, the phone will start vibrating 3 times to let me know that "hey it reached 80% remove the charger" but that won't stop charging the phone which is a bummer. I wish every phone has the feature that Sony phones has, stop charging whenever you want to but maybe in a few years i guess.
  3. No wonder why it lasts all day long lol, you use it for calls as you said so that's why it lasts all day long. My old phone which was the Samsung A5 2017, still works just fine but the battery was just dying quickly and i had it for 3.5 years and i replaced the battery only once but yeah with my old phone i was gaming every day and i needed to fully charge it twice every day because it was just dying too fast but thankfully i have a new phone right now
  4. Thanks for the reply! I never leave my phone charge overnight, i used to do that with my old phone (Samsung A5 2017) but not with this one anymore. I have charged my current phone overnight like at least twice since March and i always charge my phone as i said till 80-82% and remove it from charging before i sleep so i have that in control
  5. Thanks for the reply! Well i'm gonna just charge my phone at 100% if i'm like going to travel and need that extra juice for the road then yeah when that time comes i'll charge my phone at 100%. I also barely use the fast charging, i leave it at default charging speed. I've used fast charging pretty much like 5 times or so since March and i always charge my phone with it's original charger which is a 15.0W and 3.0A so yeah. And about the last part yeah, before i go out to hang out with my friends, i check how much battery i have and if i am at like 20%, i'll leave it like till it go
  6. Hello everyone, English is not my mother tongue and i hope you understand what i say. So, i charge my phone till 80-82% sometimes even 90% and that happens because i forget to remove the charger lol and i let it drop till 15%, sometimes 10% and rarely 5%. I bought my Samsung A71 on 1st of March this year which was my birthday that day and since that day i have charged my phone to 100% like 4-5 times or so and my question is basically the title, how often should i charge my phone to 100%? Is the "charging at 80% will improve battery life, improve longevity and prevent any battery damages" thing
  7. Hello everyone, first of all English is not my mother tongue so i hope you understand what i say. So, for some weeks now i've been getting this Windows Update error message "A current driver on your PC may be better than the driver we're trying to install. We'll keep trying to install." and i've literally done EVERYTHING and my last hope is reinstalling Windows 10 but keep everything (i have so much stuff and i cannot do a fresh install). My current build of Windows 10 is the 20H2 and i wanna go to 21H1 but everytime i do so i get the message above and it's literally been irritating and i can'
  8. Well i haven't tried out recording 4K outside my house cuz i currently have an ankle sprain but the 4K for me is fine, maybe the stabilization makes it look like rubbish to you idk but for me it's fine. I don't do a whole lot of recording in general so i don't really care if it's rubbish or not. Yeah i saw that after my video went live but ah well, tried out something new so next time i will defo render it at 4K30FPS
  9. I very rarely record videos using my phone and upload them on my YT channel. This is like 1/50 situation. It's not like i upload videos that are recorded on my phone regularly, it's very rare so uploading a 4k60fps video once in like 2-3 months won't hurt anyone. I mostly make videos on my computer and the 60fps there DOES make a difference because i have set OBS to record at 60fps and i record at 1080p60fps, it's not 4k everywhere, it will be 4k only when i record using my phone and that will be like every 2-3 months. You said that the 60fps footage normally goes through battery a
  10. Gotcha gotcha. I mean, i just finished rendering the video at 60fps, played it back to see any like glitches or artifacts as you said and none were found, everything was still the same except not seeing any noticeable difference in the FPS. Did i waste my time rendering it at 60fps? Probably but i like uploading my videos at 60fps even though it was recorded at 30fps. I honestly have a lot of time so it doesn't matter how long it took to render but it doesn't matter as well how much time it will take to upload. I get what you said ofc but ah well, anyways lol, thanks for the help!
  11. Thank you for your reply! Well tbh i don't really care if the source was 30fps and rendering it at 60fps at the end because i have done that multiple time in the past and it didn't really make a difference even if i recorded the video at 30 and rendered it at 60. i just like the smoothness lol But i mean why not render a 30fps footage to 60fps? I'm not rendering my vids for the missing frames as you say etc etc but why not?
  12. Hello everyone, English is not my mother tongue so i hope you understand what i say. Let me get straight to what i wanna say. I recorded a video today for my YT channel and i recorded it in 4k30fps with my phone (Samsung A71). I am at the editing process at the moment but when i finish the editing and all that, should i render my video at 4k60fps or 1080p60fps? All my videos are rendered and uploaded to YT in 1080p60fps quality and this is the first time recording a 4k video with my phone, so will rendering the video at 4k60fps make a difference in quality? Or should i just stick to my normal
  13. The best i can do for him is change his CPU to a 10600 and stop there cuz he needs this PC ASAP lol and honestly, he won't really notice the speed if a put a better CPU and better RAM. In other words he is not a tech guy like me and he just wants a gaming PC (without the GPU but he will buy it next year hopefully) that plays the games he wants and that's it and that's the best i can do. If that was my PC, i would've changed the parts, put the ones you recommended me and that's that. As i said, he is not a tech guy so changing the CPU or RAM will probably make little difference to him so yeah
  14. I'm from Greece and we have a website that gathers all electronics stores from Greece and puts the lowest price from all of the stores at the top and the 10500 is at 176 euros and the 11500 is at 216 euros so yeah
  15. Bro i wish that was my PC that i am building but it's not on my hands about the money situation so it's not like it's gonna be fine spending like 50 more euros on a CPU. He is gonna buy a monitor, headphones etc etc so yeah, can't really do anything about it but i will see