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  1. The best i can do for him is change his CPU to a 10600 and stop there cuz he needs this PC ASAP lol and honestly, he won't really notice the speed if a put a better CPU and better RAM. In other words he is not a tech guy like me and he just wants a gaming PC (without the GPU but he will buy it next year hopefully) that plays the games he wants and that's it and that's the best i can do. If that was my PC, i would've changed the parts, put the ones you recommended me and that's that. As i said, he is not a tech guy so changing the CPU or RAM will probably make little difference to him so yeah
  2. I'm from Greece and we have a website that gathers all electronics stores from Greece and puts the lowest price from all of the stores at the top and the 10500 is at 176 euros and the 11500 is at 216 euros so yeah
  3. Bro i wish that was my PC that i am building but it's not on my hands about the money situation so it's not like it's gonna be fine spending like 50 more euros on a CPU. He is gonna buy a monitor, headphones etc etc so yeah, can't really do anything about it but i will see
  4. Yeah i saw that, i will see what my friend tells me and i will come back to you. Also, tbh, there is no need for an unlocked motherboard for the RAM or CPU, my friend doesn't know how to get into the BIOS lol and i'm pretty sure he would never overclock
  5. I mean he is not gonna play hardcore games if i'm being honest, he is gonna play minecraft (yea mc lol), doom eternal, sea of thieves, pubg and some similar games. I mean the 10500 is 180 euros here and the 11500 is 220 euros, will see if he will be OK paying 40 euros more or not
  6. I put the wrong RAM speed at my list, i just changed it, meant 2666 in the list not 3200 lol, anyways. I mean it's not like he's gonna gonna cry about not that extra speed lol but ah well. OK thank you for your list but as i said don't look at the total price, he will buy the parts from somewhere else and that it way cheaper than what it shows in PCPartPicker. I will have a look at it
  7. Hello everyone, i built my friend a computer and tomorrow he is going to buy the parts. My question here is, i bought him a 2 x 8GB RAM clocked at 2666MHz and the CPU i paired it with is an i5 10500. The maximum RAM speed that this CPU can go is 2666MHz, will enabling XMP increase the RAM speed or will it stay the same? Also, if you wanna have a look at the PC i built for him and maybe change a part or two, here is the link to PCPartPicker. Don't worry, he will buy the parts from a different place so don't look at the total price lol. Yeah no GPU cuz of GPU shortages so i had to pair it with a
  8. I mean 90hz will be a better smoothing experience idk. In general i am super careful with my phone, not with this one, and my previous ones as well. I'm not like those type of people that throw their phones on their table like it's nothing or something, i place my phone gently and as far as waterproofing goes, honestly, on my previous phone the A5 2017, that phone was waterproof and i've never properly thrown that phone into a pool or something, i really only used it in the shower just for the lolz, put the phone into a bucket of water and put it under running water etc etc and after 3.5 years
  9. The issue is is that i sometimes have decision issues, like the thing that's tempting buying the A72 is the 500mah battery, the 90hz display cuz i have never had a 90hz display, the waterproof, not that i'm going to jump in the pool everyday or something, it's just an extra protection let's say it but ah well, if the price hasn't gone at least 350 by the end of may, i am not gonna buy it. Yea i know upgrading to A72 just for these features may not be wow or something but it's because it's also a new phone but anyways, thanks for sharing your opinion!
  10. Nope, i have a website here that gathers all electronic stores from Greece (and i'm from Greece yes) and it puts the lowest price at the top and the lowest one is 390 euros so far and i won't pay more cuz before i bought my A71, it said 306 and i paid for 306 so yeah but thanks for sharing your opinion!
  11. Lol gotcha gotcha, i will see what other people have to say then i will make up my mind. Ofc if people say "sell your current phone and buy the new one" i won't like sell my current phone tomorrow lol, i will wait like a couple of weeks, let the prices drop (if they drop) and then see what i will do but thanks for your opinion
  12. Hello lads, i recently turned 18 and me and my family decided to buy me a new phone 2 months ago which is the Samsung Galaxy A71. What i didn't know was that 2 weeks after my birthday, the A72 would get released. If i had known that the A72 was going to get released, i wouldn't have bought the A71, anyways. Now i am stuck and i don't know what to do. I bought the A71 for 306 euros and the A72 right now is 390 euros, is it worth selling my A71 and then buy the A72? Remember, my A71 is only 2 months and 1 day old so it's quite fresh, so, what do you guys say, should i sell my current A71 and the