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  1. The software just got installed AGAIN and the other software is Google Drive, Google Sheets, Google Slides and Google Docs....
  2. Oh crap how didn't i forget to add what you said in the top? When backup and sync downloads, it downloads 3 more apps as well (well not exactly apps but you get the point), one is docs but i don't remember the other 2 so in total it's the 1 main app and 3 additional
  3. Thanks for the reply! Well no, this Windows 10 was installed by me, with a legit ISO file in december 2018 and whatever i install first time, whether it's Windows or bought a new phone, i always remove any bloatware there is so it's defo not that. That backup and sync thingy appeared pretty much last year or maybe 10 months ago idk but it's defo not from the start of using this Windows 10 machine. But like here's the thing, i've got Malwarebytes and Windows Security as my main antivirus and doing scans on both of those antiviruses comes back with no viruses found. What
  4. Hello everyone English is not my mother tongue so i hope you understand what i say. So for the past year i've been seeing that BS backup and sync from google appear on my computer without me downloading/installing it and it's been getting super frustrating at this point. The first day i saw that i uninstalled it normally, went into the registry editor and removed EVERY SINGLE folder there was about backup and sync from google and did the same thing on Windows Explorer as well but sure enough a couple of months later that software magically reappeared on my computer without no one installing it
  5. Well no cuz if it was glue, it would've come off from the alcohol from before or i would've felt it so it's either that the tiles glue damaged the screen somehow or it's something else that i don't know. I mean it's not bothering me or anything when using the phone, it's not super visible, it's barely visible but when the screen is off, in the proper lighting you can defo see the mark. I will take it to my nearby Samsung service to see what that could be (defo not replacing the screen for that) but all in all, thanks for your help though
  6. Well here's my theory here. When i was working with my dad a month ago, some construction glue (the one that they put in tiles) entered the screen protector around where that mark is and that glue was there for like 3 weeks, could that be the reason why that mark is there?
  7. Luckily i have isopropyl alcohol, cleaned that part thoroughly and this is the result, it's still the same as before unfortunately... I mean i would've noticed it from the day i removed the screen protector so no clue what it is still
  8. Hello everyone, English is not my mother tongue so i hope you understand what i say. So i currently own a Samsung Galaxy A71 and in 3 days it will be 5 months old. A few minutes ago i noticed these 2 marks on my screen and it's annoying, not annoying that it's bothering me when i use my phone, it's annoying when it's off and i see that mark. Picture is below. I purposely made that part dirty cuz when it's dirty it's way more visible than if it was clean. The most visible part is the bigger circle and less noticeable with the small circle. I've cleaned that part multiple times and it's still th
  9. If i were you i wouldn't be using a $1 cable cuz pretty sure you know the dangers of these cheapo cables but i mean hey, 400mA may not be great but it still charges though
  10. Ah sorry mate, as i said English is not my mother tongue and for years now i've been taking the "i doubt it" sentence as a negative response, apologies That 14% though can keep me for another hour or two soo
  11. Thanks for the reply! Well no, how is the cable crap if it came with the phone? It's like buying a cheap phone so it doesn't make sense. I had a Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 for 3.5 years and i used the same cable for 2.5 years or so and it held up very, very well so the cables that come in the box with the phone are definitely not crap and way better than some cheapo cables, and, it's free! so you simply cannot argue with free and durable cables that come with the phone Still, 40 mins is 40 mins and it's not a small difference
  12. Thanks for the reply! Yeah that's true I am using Ampere since day one and i monitor the speeds almost every day and before i posted this thread. There is however a 500mA difference when using the type A port for charging and it reads around 300-400mA with the type C which is extremely slow
  13. Thanks for the reply! The specs of my laptop says only that's it's a USB-C port and no revisions or anything. But then it says there are 2 USB 3.0 ports but 1 is for charging so i guess that's why it charges faster with the type A but i thought that type C were faster in general. Well, about the BIOS thingy lol. This laptop was found by my dad in Germany on the road (yes that's a real fact) and it has a locked BIOS and it needs an administrative password soo let's completely forget about the BIOS lol. But i mean hey, it's not like my phone will be dead in li
  14. Hello everyone, first of all English is not my mother tongue so i hope you understand what i say. Also i'm not sure if this is the right category for what i'm going to say but i think that's the closest. So i am going on a trip in 2 days (approximately 10 hours trip) and i will take my laptop to use it as a power bank incase i get low on battery on my phone. I got an HP ProBook 650 G2 laptop and i have a Samsung Galaxy A71. Both of those devices got USB-C ports of course and in the box with my phone it came with USB-C to USB-C charging cable. My issue is that using that USB-C to US