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  1. Hello, I am using Gigabyte B360M Gaming HD mother board, processor is i5 9400F and I am planning to buy Hyper 212 LED TURBO ARGB air cooler but I have some confusion like if it will support to control the lighting of fans through the software as I don't want to open my case every time to change the lighting. Motherboard has cpu fan and system fan header and it also supports RGB fusion 2.0 so will I able to control with that software?? If not, please suggest me some solution.. Air cooler : https://www.coolermaster.com/in/en-in/catalog/coolers/cpu-air-coolers/hyper-212-led-turbo-argb/#overv
  2. Well, I would take out 410R and antec a40 pro, now I am confused which one to go among the other three left.. I saw a comment on gammaz 400 pro, he uses the same processor as mine, after 30 mins of stress test the temp were around 62-63℃ but again there are lot of comments for other two cooler master air cooler..
  3. Hey, I got i5 9400F, while gaming I have noticed the temp around 80℃, though it's normal but I thought of adding a cpu air cooler under 3500INR. I checked few, I will drop their links below, please suggest me the best ones among them or any other within that budget.. Cooler master hyper 410R - https://www.amazon.in/dp/B0821GBNHM/?coliid=I1NYN5ZOMJRPT4&colid=1VP2DYYZL45FU&psc=1&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it Cooler master hyper 212 - https://www.amazon.in/dp/B01KBXKP8W/?coliid=I3AD99J89MLREN&colid=1VP2DYYZL45FU&psc=1&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it Cooler master hyper 212 ARGB -
  4. Is it possible to merge the both the drives while files are in it using mini tool partition?
  5. Oh okay...or may be I will have to empty drive J, delete the drive and then extend it with drive I, right?
  6. Hello, I have attached the pic, check into it, I want to delete the partition of drive 'I' which is in disk 0. Basically when I got the laptop I had only HDD and that drive used to be my c drive, later I have added the SSD and made it a boot drive. Now I want to delete that partition and extend it to drive 'J' but I am not sure is it possible to do..So I would appreciate the suggestions below
  7. Yes yes, I have done that but I wasn't sure if it's okay to leave the power on all the time....?
  8. Thank you, my doubt on 2nd and 3rd is clear. But I am sorry, regarding the 1st question, so is it safe to leave the wall power on ?? Like, limit to 80% and let the power supply be on all the time, just like desktop, it won't affect the battery, right?
  9. Hello, I am using laptop since last three or four years and I had no idea on how to maintain laptop battery health until recently I checked my battery capacity which has come down from it's full capacity 41mWh to just 16mWh, I know lithium ion battery capacity comes down gradually but I would like to get some inputs on maintaining better life for more time. Some of the doubts which I already have are.. 1.Can we leave the wall power connected to laptop all the time? 2. Charging to 100% and allowing it completely discharge below 20% is bad? 3. Is 40%-80% battery charging good for bet
  10. Hey, I am using dell vostro 15-3568 laptop, right now the specs are i5 7200U (2 cores), 8 gb ram, 2gb radeon R5 M420, 256 ssd+1tb hdd and 41.5mWh (but presently the battery capacity as come down to 16.7mWh).. I am using this laptop since last 4 years and I use this for regular use, I don't game that often with this, may just once in a while, most of the usage is for browsing, watching movies and for work. I was thinking to upgrade to 16gb ram, where I will have to get 2 8gb ram sticks cuz the present ram are 4+4, and battery though the capacity is less, I have limited the charge til 80% and
  11. Right, it depends on the placements of the fans and how big they are.. So, I guess it's better I use simple stand rather than cooling pads, no?
  12. Thanks for sharing this video, mate..It was just what I needed..Seems like just using a stand or rising the laptop will be quite sufficient than spending money on fancy coolers, isn't it? And yes, the design of laptop matters too but the I think for most simply rising the laptop will do the job.
  13. Well, I thought it could prevent or prolong the deep cut happening in future..
  14. Hello, I was thinking to buy a laptop cooling pad but I wasn't sure if it really makes any difference to the laptop temp or help in dissipating the heat quicker, I would like to know if it's gonna be useful in any way...