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  1. No I haven't enabled the PBO yet. This would probably be the 3rd boot! I haven't done any major changes yet.
  2. Well I live in India so I'd have to look for a cooler that's good around here!
  3. Hey Guys, I just assembled my new PC with the processor Ryzen 3600. To manage my processor I installed Ryzen Master and then I noticed that the temperature of the processor on normal usage [Chrome, YouTube (720p)and watching offline videos (1080p/720p)] the temperature of the processor crossed 60°C without playing any games!! Andif I open the iCUE for customising my Corsair keyboard the temperature crosses 87°C. As the stock cooler that comes with AMD procesor has thermal paste pre-applied I didn't bother to buy any seperately. What should I do to improve this situation!!