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    toyotavan reacted to Radium_Angel in 8K is for plebs. Can we edit in 12K?   
    Yes you can.
    Given the quality of LTT's videography, you're just wasting time.
    Seriously, invest in a steady rig and someone who knows how to pull focus properly.
    As a wise man once said "The single most important part of a camera, is the twelve inches behind it." Ansel Adams.
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    toyotavan reacted to ColdPressCoconutOil in Rocket League is FREE on Epic Games September 23rd REMINDER   
    us lowly peasants, too poor to purchase games from online stores, depend on this sub-forum and people like @Paul Rudd to notify us of any games or apps that are going massively low/free of price.
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    toyotavan reacted to igormp in Nvidia looking at acquiring Arm   
    Well, some of those devices were already looking into RISC-V anyway due to the closed nature of ARM, so I don't think it'll change anything in the long run.
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    toyotavan reacted to Bombastinator in Nvidia looking at acquiring Arm   
    The licensing agreements get important here.  My understanding is ARM licenses are fairly bombproof.  One never knows though.  If I was a manufacturer that has any product at all that competes with an Nvidia product I would be reading over that license very carefully and exploring other risc options.
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    toyotavan got a reaction from NineEyeRon in How did you get into LMG   
    It was a techquickie about cpu sockets. Started watching some of the other techquickies then found the ltt channel. First video I saw was the whole room water cooling project. 
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    toyotavan got a reaction from Vishera in Modern phones are pathetic   
    And i'm guessing you have evidence for a counter argument?