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  • Birthday Oct 08, 1988

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    Forklift Operator, Student Cyber-Security/Forensics/Code Audit


  • CPU
    i7 9700k
  • Motherboard
    z390 LGA1151
  • RAM
    16GB 2666mhz
  • GPU
    rtx 2070
  • Case
    alienware area 51m
  • Storage
    x2 256gb nvme (raid0) 1TB sshd
  • PSU
    180w power brick
    240w power brick
  • Display(s)
    144hz 1920x1080
  • Cooling
  • Mouse
    Logitech g203 wired
  • Operating System
    win 10 pro (for gaming)
    Kali (for... pentesting)
  • Laptop
    yes... but moreso a desktop replacement

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  1. Yes you are right. The worst part is, I use multiple cloud options to backup my important files and I didn't do it for my school work because it was something I constantly worked on, edited, and changed. So I often would only backup a finished product instead of "works-in-progress"... A mistake I will not repeat in the future
  2. I guess I shoulda looked there first... So much on my mind lately... Slipped my mind to check there... Thanks again
  3. Thanks guys... Much love for saving me the time searching around... If I had my pc, I would have done it.. I always seem to have a difficult time finding things while using the mobile version of websites.
  4. I was wondering if there is a thread already containing the dimensions of that Lian Li desk used in that $20000 desk PC video. If not is there any chance somebody can provide said dimensions or recommend a website containing a Desk PC with dimensions. I'm looking to build my own version of a desk PC. Also the materials used such as the type of metal and metals' gauge. I recently had my $3000 alienware area 51m stolen out of my apartment while I was gone for a week period of time. I had to drop out of college for the semester due to them taking everything including my external drive which conta
  5. my question is similar... i have an alienware area51m which is air cooled if you dont know... i definitely need the best amount of cooling i can get.... what thermal paste would anyone recommend?
  6. hmmm so it looks like if your primary purpose is gaming or perhaps (maximum gaming performance) whether you go intel or amd, battery life is very similar.. 2 to 3 hours... but it seems AMD is getting the edge considering my alienware area 51m with the i7 9700k only gets 3 hours battery life MAX whether its gaming or browsing the web, while amds 4900h is looking at 10hours give or take for light tasks.... i could definitely see the 4900h as an excellent pick for something like college and academic environments.... i could keep my area 51m at home and SSH into the machine if i need to use its GP
  7. founders is correct as far as i know... i researched the same information... upgradeability is nil...but for $1500 bucks roughly... if it lasts 3 years or better then i guess you could just buy a new laptop after that.... im considering it simply because i need a powerful laptop for college with good battery life.. that will probably do well for the 2 year degree im looking at
  8. alexTHEEgreatish??? any input on gaming battery life?
  9. upgradeabilty is limited in comparison to alienware area 51m... i believe it can rock up to 24gb ram?
  10. so i just watched this video and definitely like what i see with this cpu.. i currently have an alienware area 51m i7 9700k cpu and my battery life is the only downside as most of you know even while doing everyday tasks, still looking at 2hours roughly... this isnt a problem while at home, i just stay plugged in... but onto my question.... the video addressed the fact that the ryzen 9 4900h gets 10 hours doing light everyday tasks but under 2 hours under heavy load.... im specifically interested in how much battery life does this thing get while gaming.... playing a game like fortnite, or qua
  11. see i knew posting in this forum would be a good idea. I found one old topic only where someone stated they werent sure if this laptop supported xmp and therefore would be pointless to up the ram speed... i think just to be safe ill go with the 2666... i could go 3200 and get the 2933 out of it but, i also know that if intel knows xmp is used, it would void any intel warranty.... so maybe ill keep at 2666 and try to avoid any problems from aggressive overclocks
  12. So im thinking about upgrading my area 51m and have been looking at crucial products. 32gb ram and 2 T.B NVME SSD will cost roughly around $350 bucks. I purchased a SATA mx500 ssd before from crucial and was very happy with it. I could noticibly see the improvement with that ssd anytime i swapped it into an older laptop and even some newer. But alas, the area 51m laptop is another beast alltogether. Currently i have an i7 9700k , 16GB ram, rtx 2070, x2 256gb nvme in raid 0 and 1T.B sshd firecuda... Anyone have any thoughts on this upgrade? Adding x2 crucial p1 1TB nvme ssd and put them in raid
  13. So ive been around the internet a little bit doing some research in regards to ram upgrades for my area 51m laptop and cant seem to find a definitive answer. I know the max is 64gb ram for this motherboard but i see some people who recommend the 2400MT/s ram speed and others who suggest the 2666MT/s speed.... I believe from what i read the alienware comes with the 2400MT/s ram speed as stock option but still a bit confused and unsure as to what the maximum supported is or max possibly supported in the future? any ideas what i should go with? or additional info on this that will help me conclud