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  1. how do open the realtek hd audio manager i only have the supremefx which is also calld realtek hd audio manager but that one does not have a folder at the right top
  2. oke so when i disconnect the headphones it still thinks they are connected even after a reboot
  3. yes they do work when connected to the backports but the picture does suggest that it would work right maybe its false clue or something. honestly ive run out of ideas lmao
  4. id say look for an gtx 1060 3gb or 6gb second hand the first option is what i have and i got it for 100 euros which is more expensive then 100 dollars so maybe look into that
  5. hihi no no i want to connect my headset in the front io and as seen in the picture they are recocgnised but wont play audio and setting them as default or just selecting them does not help also on the headset volume is maxed out so thats not it either
  6. hi forum, i have a asus rog strix h370-f gaming motherboard and a razer electra v2 with 3,5mm audio cable (so not the usb version). recently i got speakers that i want to plug into the back audio ports so my headset would be in the front 3,5mm jacks. but i cant get them to work. i've tried to reinstall the drivers (the sonic suite and realtek drivers) but still no success. however it does seem to recognise that something is plugged in (check the attached picture on the left bottem corner you can see that the front io is not colored grey like the backports. sorry that its all in dutch). al
  7. do i understand correctly that you are trying to boot your air from that ssd? if thats correct what exactly happend to the internal one from the air. (im having trouble visualizing your problem can you make a list with all your computers and tell me what wrong with each of them hopefully I can help you solve the problem)
  8. have you tried updating the firmware? your computer can't boot to an usb with a version of macOS on it that is way older then the installer on your usb
  9. hi forum, im looking for a personal information organizer a was looking at soho organizer but thats discontinued. I liked soho organizer because it has a handy calendar on de desktop. is there an alternative with that same feature? thanks already!
  10. hi im looking for a cracked player that placed at least once in top 200 in any tournament. no raging good coms concistent age does not matter im 15 btw
  11. oke thanks guys i will try it
  12. but i have 8gb ram and i dont have money for 16 i know i might being difficult but i have had this issue for 1,5 years
  13. Hi forum, i am looking for a fortnite/apex game. i has to be free and it should have crossplay and an competive scene. does that exist
  14. xcluse

    Headset Linus

    he uses senheiser hd 650. thanks Spotty
  15. xcluse

    Headset Linus

    Hi forum, What headset does @linustech use on the last few wanshows (the ones from home)