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  1. A video on how Dolby Atmos or DTS X is produced and made would be awesome.
  2. Forgot to quote you in my reply. Sorry.
  3. https://www.newegg.com/evga-600-bq-110-bq-0600-k1-600w/p/N82E16817438100 This one is good.
  4. This is worst case scenario though, but the power supply is single handedly the one thing that runs the computer.
  5. It is crucial to building the pc to mount the psu securely, they can literally blow up if something goes wrong
  6. A good go-to motherboard is the b450 tomahawk max, Ive used it before and its great. Some people will disagree, but for a $750 budget a B450 board for $100 is a good option for ryzen 3000. Otherwise wait for B550 and see if a similarly priced board appears. GPU- RX 5600xt or Gtx 1660ti, whichever is cheaper at the time. Both a have their benefits though the rx 5600xt is generally faster. Ram- any dual channel ddr4 3000mhz and faster is fine (16gb for $65-$70), make sure the timings are as low as you can go (cl16 as a reference is mid range, cl19 is slow, and cl14 is de
  7. Definitely not a rip off, great setup, I think you're exactly right about a new case and gpu, though the gpu is plenty capable depending on the workload. For a case, I recommend the "be quiet! Dark Base 700" this case looks great and has an upgrade path up to professional style setups ie. threadrippers and high end xeon builds. For something a little bit lower spec, Ive sold a few "Phanteks P300 or P400s", they cost a fair bit less and are amazing cases to work with, I remember building my first pc where the case wasn't super low end and the switch to the mid range Phanteks P300 was like night
  8. In my case, I use a ryzen 7 2700 with a gtx 1070 that I got refurbished from ebay for $200 about a year ago. My monitor is a 32" LG 1440p at 144hz (VA) with a 4s response time and it runs great. I mostly play CSGO, shadow of war, and fallout 4.
  9. If the monitor looks good to you then stick with it. Its good to set a limit on your fps so the game runs smoother and 60 hz/fps looks good in almost every situation. That being said, the upgrade to 75hz or even 100+ hz is mind boggling. Though, it requires a better system to run at those frame rates. In general, for your system I recommend sticking with 60 or 75 hz monitors and maxing out the graphics detail on basically every game. If you do get an rtx 2070 or better along with a better cpu (r5 3600) then you could easily play any game at 144hz with variable refresh rate on (gsync, freesync)
  10. Right, especially since the dram chips can come from different manufacturers ie (hynix vs samsung) which might mean different overclocking capabilities or less stability on certain systems even at stock speeds.
  11. Maybe save up $30 more and go with a 1650, it has a tdp of 75w which is the max rated power consumption from a pcie x16 lane. https://www.amazon.com/MSI-GTX-1650-ITX-AERO/dp/B086VQ6ZVT/ref=sr_1_14?dchild=1&keywords=zotac+gtx+1650&qid=1589562699&sr=8-14 There is a considerable gain in performance from this upgrade.
  12. This being said, go with a dual channel kit if its cheaper, but get the individual sticks if they are cheaper, though normally the kit is the cheaper of the two.
  13. Two single channel sticks are exactly the same as a dual channel kit of the same dram modules.