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  1. hi everyone i got NBA 2K21 and started playing on mycareer and for some reason im not getting my VC after the games. the game recap says im getting 1400VC (for example) but when i go into the progression menu and try to upgrade the attributes i seem to not get the VC. i tried to contact 2K support but they are usless... they claim they moved it on to the dev team but the dev team already released 2 patches and they didnt even mention working on this problem... does anyone know how to fix this? or maybe some other people having this problem too?
  2. Hi everyone! A while ago i bought a mousepad (cooler master mp510) and obviously with time it got dirty and i was wondering how can i clean it? (cooler master claims the mouse pad surface is splash proof if it matters) Ive seen a lot of different methods but im afraid that if im going to use the wrong one ill ruin my pad any suggestions? methods to clean?
  3. hi everyone I got my S20 ULTRA and I'm looking to buy a few extra chragers. Will USB PD give me the fast charging the original charger gives me? (It says super fast charging)
  4. Thank you for your help, ill give it a go!
  5. Hi guys I'm having some trouble with Microsoft Your Phone App... i have a Galaxy S20 ULTRA and for some reason the app wont refresh on my Windows PC. it gives me this message and there is nothing on the Microsoft support website that can help me Is there anything i can do? thanks for any helpers
  6. i did a factory data reset and it still happens
  7. yeah i know how to log in to the routers GUI but for some reason i cant se any setting that says "auto restart" or anything that resembles to it
  8. hi everyone as the title of the post implies i have a very interesting router. the model is ADB VV5820 and i have been trying to make it work as a bridge or an access point since my my main router cant really reach everywhere does anyone know this router? or maybe can help me in any other way?
  9. i mainly play apex legends. i play on 1080p, not pushing the setting too much. and by frame drops/ stuttering i mean the game just suddenly gets stuck for a super short moment (feels like a frame) and i look at the frame counter and see that i dropped from 144 to 30 and its rising back up. sometimes its server issues (i can tell by the weird server signs appearing in the right corner of the screen) but usually it looks like its my PCs problem. is there any chance that the problem is the HDD? i have a 7200rpm toshiba one that is about 5 y.o
  10. hey everyone im planning on buying the logitech g pro x headset and i was wondering if it works with the PS4. does the mic work too?
  11. i do have dcop on. i also set it to asus optimal in the bios (seem'd like a good choice, i think it does something like an AI overclock or something lik e that)