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  1. I use this particular disk in my "gaming" rig. Thanks for recommending Hard Disk Sentinel, it's indeed more accurate. It reports around 21TB for lifetime writes and 92% for health.
  2. Crystal disk info doesn't report drive remaining life for my ssd, so I used hwinfo instead
  3. Thanks for your answer! I was really wondered when temp sensor suddenly died, and then inaccurate numbers appeared after a day or something like that.
  4. I installed 17.4.4 version, but I always get the "1603 error". Is that normal? I followed these instructions here https://appuals.com/fix-amd-error-1603/ but the problem doesn't disappear.
  5. Hello! Is my SSD reporting wrong values in crystaldiskinfo or what? I know that temp sensor is broken, because it never changes. Pics from crystaldiskinfo and hwinfo ::https://imgur.com/a/hDz6uQp
  6. I just installed another stick (corsair vengeance 4gb; it is 100% working (I borrowed it from my neighbor), mb supports it), but the problem remains the same ?
  7. My specs: -one 8gb ram stick (compatible with mb) -xeon e3-1226 v3 -gtx 960 -corsair cv550 Today I decided to turn on my old gaming pc, but it simply doesn't work. I'm facing weird problems- the cpu led (on mb) almost instantly turns on and after a sec stops, then the ram led starts blinking (LEDs never blink simultaneously)+error code '55' appears on a display and that's all. I've already put the ram in all slots, changed cpu, psu, gpu but it still doesn't work. There aren't any bent pins or whatsoever in the socket.
  8. Cca. how many commands do you use for daily usage? I'm also planning to get more into server stuff, but I'd like to learn the basics first. Thanks for answers
  9. Hi! I installed Ubuntu Budgie and have to admit that I'm not very familiar with it, but I'd like to change that in the future. My plan is to learn some terminal commands and become a "pro" Linux user. So guys, what would you recommend to every Linux beginner? Where can we found a good tutorial or list of useful commands? Thanks!
  10. Thanks for your reply! I installed drivers from HP website and I'm facing a new problem right now. Everything is working fine, except MS Office. No text is displayed at all, only icons are working normally. I tried troubleshooting as well and that didn't help.
  11. Hello everybody! I'm currently facing a really weird problem with my GPU drivers for my laptop. It has an APU+GPU combo (a8-7410 + r7-360m). I'd like to install AMD drivers, but they seem to be corrupted or something like that, because my laptop won't boot properly in windows after fresh install of drivers. I already used the DDU uninstaller, even installed some older drivers, but sadly without luck - I wasn't able to boot into windows properly after clean install of the latest AMD drivers, however, I was able to boot normally and even use the computer with windows drivers insta