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  1. I am planning to play The Witcher 3, RE7, GTAV and Fortnite. The problem here in my country is that the best LGA775 (actually 771) is the X5450. So im gonna be stuck at my X5450 I think for another year.
  2. thank you, but without the idea of upgrading, will the 960 perform well with the X5450?
  3. I am planning to buy GTX 960 and my CPU is Xeon X5450. How bad is this idea? Thanks.
  4. but does it perform good for those games? can you state some examples thank you
  5. Any idea on how bad will X5450 bottleneck an R7 265 graphics card? Thanks.
  6. Thank you. I would consider the thought of future upgrade.
  7. Sorry, I forgot to mention the bottleneck calculator online.
  8. I have a Xeon X5450 and the GPUs that I can easily buy are GTX 750(not ti) and RX 460. The GTX 750 have less to no bottleneck caused by the X5450 compared to RX 460. Does that mean that if I buy RX 460, it will perform like a GTX 750 because it is bottlenecked by the CPU, so, I should buy the GTX 750? Please help. Thanks
  9. Hello guys. Please help me. I bought Xeon X5450 to replace my Pentium E6600. I've already done updating the microcodes, bios and the adapter. Xeon X5450 was recognized in the bios however it stopped working at the windows logo. I have Lenovo G41 motherboard, 4gb ram, and 170W power supply. Im also using Windows 10 Home and the latest update that I could find for my BIOS was for Windows 8.1 . Could it be the power supply? Or anything else? Thank you. Please help.