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  1. I am tempted to say this may not be a GPU issue? When you say flickering, do you mean the monitor brightness is dimming/flickering? Or is the display actually cutting out? If the display is staying the same but the brightness is what is flickering//fluctuating I think it may be a monitor issue.
  2. Back in 2016 Gamers Nexus wrote an article about this specifically. Their findings showed a 1fps difference at most. Although, this was with a 1080 so it's possible that with modern GPUs like the 3080 and such the difference could be slightly more measurable, but I don't see it being much worse.
  3. I feel like you're missing the whole point of the problem here. Nobody, including Linus, have said Nvidia doesn't have the right to refuse review samples to anyone for any reason. They absolutely can do that. The issue is their reasoning/intent behind doing so. It's quite obvious they intend to strong-arm reviewers into saying what they want them to say by withholding review samples. So basically now any day 1 review we read is not trustworthy because apparently Nvidia is not afraid to force them to say what they want them to. Also, I am not a content creator. But as Linus explaine
  4. @UnPotatI personally think it's a positive thing that HUB separated their DLSS data from the rest, and this is for a couple reasons. First off, they did directly poll their viewers who overwhelmingly voted in favor of rasterization being more important than any kind of RT performance. Secondly, showing RT performance without DLSS is important still to show the cards raw RT capability. Yes, with current hardware its unplayable no matter what. But Nvidia still beats out AMD's best offerings that shows that even with an equivalent DLSS competitor AMD will likely still be a
  5. I think its pretty hard to say this has done nothing to the reviewer space. The email sends a pretty clear message to me: either you cover Nvidia products positively and the way we want, or you don't get access to Day 1 reviews. That now means to me that every day 1 review I watch of Nvidia products could have done so only under the threat of Nvidia cutting them off. Not sure how this allows any reviewer to be trustworthy anymore.
  6. Yeah personally I had 0 issue with them selling to miners. At the end of the day they're paying customers just like the rest of us, and maybe Nvidia thought they could capitalize on mining craze by selling to them first. Disappointing for the rest of us, but a legitimate business decisions if you ask me. It is definitely ironic considering the phrasing of the email where they basically position themselves as a company "by gamers for gamers" as if they speak for all gamers or something haha.
  7. Right click on your desktop and click "AMD Radeon Software", you'll find ReLive in there.
  8. I think Linus wasn't necessarily attacking Nvidia for not sending them a sample, he reiterated that Nvidia (and other companies) frequently do not send review samples to media for a variety of reasons and they have every right to do so. Rather, the issue lies with the precedent set by the email. The email itself frankly, came across as extremely aggressive and disrespectful, it was really surprising to read. I mean, is he wrong about how consumers after this will have noticeably less trust in media? I sure will. Clearly they are not afraid to do whatever it takes to ensure that med
  9. You bring up some good points, reviewers will always be a little biased (I am myself, a proud owner of a 5700xt). But that means a wide variety of reviewers is that much more important, further showing how bad it is when companies like Nvidia feel they can blacklist certain reviewers. I personally thought HUB's focus on rasterization was an important viewpoint for the community as I personally thought some other reviewers were eating up the flashy RT features that Nvidia was feeding them (or apparently now strong-arming).
  10. I wouldn't say HUB not focusing on RT is a "fault" here. Sure, if you personally hold RT to be super important for some reason than you can disagree with their choice, and the wonderful thing is there are dozens of other review sources out there to choose from. But HUB even went out of their way to poll their viewers as to what was more important for them, and over 70% chose rasterization performance. To me that seems like the more responsible thing to do than just follow industry and marketing hype, instead trying to go out of their way to deliver what their viewers see as most important.
  11. Yeah like I mentioned in my edit, I don't think you have a PSU issue. To my knowledge if your PSU cannot supply enough power to the PC it would likely just crash or turn off, I don't think you would ever simply experience reduced performance. I would guess your performance issues lie elsewhere, maybe drivers or thermal issues. That being said, it does seem like you are stretching your PSU a little thin, so maybe it wouldn't be a bad idea to try and find a 1000W rated unit? I would start by troubleshooting elsewhere first.
  12. Yeah I am no PSU expert by any stretch. But I believe the wattage rating given by most PSU's is what they are rated for given a constant draw, but many high quality PSUs can handle momentary spikes above that rating. And in general measuring power draw from the wall is not super useful for anything but determining your PC's actual power usage for cost Edit: Also I do know that a PSU's efficiency rating is only achieved in an idea range of power draw (usually something like between 50-70% usage) and it very quickly falls off after that. So it is likely you are seeing less than ideal
  13. Oh yeah sorry, I just assumed you wanted another m.2 I do know they also make standard 2.5" SSD's, never owned one though and idk what kind of value they have. But I can't imagine they're much worse than their m.2 offerings
  14. Depending on availability, I got a really great deal on Inland NVME SSD's from Microcenter. If you get their "platinum" or "professional" line they have pretty good read write speeds and are still pretty cheap. I managed to get the 1TB professional NVME for $99
  15. I noticed this in RDR2 as well, and it seems to be popping up in other recent games as well (Hell Let Loose comes to mind).