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  1. I have the fps limited to 120 in most games.....
  2. i do not have g-sync monitor no. but i turned it on the adaptive setting just to try... and yes i turned vsync on in nvidian control panel but i only got 60 fps in games and it didnt even help the screen tearing...
  3. A few weeks ago i bought an evga gtx 980 for upgrading from my gigabyte 770 oc. After i installed the new card i get alot more screen tearing... i have used g sync and vsync to try to fix it but nothing helps.... please help me.
  4. Do anyone know of a water block for this card? Gigabyte GeForce GTX 770 WindForce 3x OC (2gb)?
  5. Yeah i really want noctua but it will really destroy the look of my computer....
  6. Well i dont want led fans just like the fans be like red... and what corsair fan should i go with for watercolling?
  7. I am going to custom water cool my computer. but i dont know what fan i should get. i want some red ones maybe the corsair ones??
  8. im going with 3 monitors but as i get more money i will buy more monitors so at the and i will have 5 or 6 monitors thats why i need atleast 2x gpu's
  9. because i dont have the budget for that and its the same price for 2x 770 that it is for 1 gtx 780ti
  10. Hi i already have one gigabyte gtx 770 in my computer. and i want a better computer so should i buy 2 more 770's or one 780ti and use the card i already have in something else?