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  1. This monitor will do 144hz dp and 120hz HDMI?
  2. Looking for a monitor that is ultrawide 30 to 34 in available today that can handle 144hz dp and also 120 HDMI. Been looking can’t find any. If I have to drop from the ultrawide I will. Preferably on Amazon would be nice. Price is around $500
  3. So i have a question for my next monitor. Right now I have the MSI 34" ultrawide Optix MAG341CQ as my main monitor. Im looking to get another monitor for either primary or secondary for gaming or eventually streaming. My two options in the price range I am looking at are Spectre C305B-200UN or AOC CQ27G1. I cant decide please help.
  4. Is there anyway to repair this? It’s an msi monitor. One of my dang cats scratched it.
  5. I was going to install a fan from the side of the case to point towards the gpu. Other than that I have 3 fans from the front blowing air in. I guess I’ll install a fan pointing towards the gpu tonight. Thanks for the help
  6. I have the RTX 2060 Super. I’ll take a pic when I get home here in the next 5 min
  7. I have the mechatron case steel version which I mounted my gpu vertical so if the gpu gets hot the fans will blow out the side of the case. Should I mount a 120mm to the side where the gpu fans are pointing to blow air onto it or draw heat away from it. My setup for fan placement is 3 front blowing cool air in and 2 upper blowing hot air out and 1 fan blowing hot air out the back.
  8. I have the pc cooler corona 5 in 1 and also 2 other pc cooler corona fans. The 5 in 1 is 12v and the other 2 are 5v. With the 5 in 1 do I have to hook the rgb to the hub one by one or can I split the rgb with a splitter with one connection to the B450M tomahawk mobo? Also the other 2 fans I have are 5v is there a converter I can get to make them 12v or would I have to get another kit?
  9. MAG341CQ do I need to get a dvi to HDMI cable to play ps4 games since the max hz for ps4 is 60hz
  10. MAG341CQ or Alienware AW2720HF this will be for movies and FPS games
  11. Which of these two are best for gaming? Optix MAG341CQ or Viotek GN34CB unless there is one close to the 2 prices which is not over that is better.