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  1. I went from a 1070 Ti to a 1080 Ti for 1440p/144hz and think it was totally worth it, if you have a plain 1070 I would go for it.
  2. You are asking about a technology that is not even being shared with developers for another year. Nobody knows for sure yet.
  3. AMD's new cards (and the new consoles) do have hardware RT support, this was announced by them months ago. https://www.pcworld.com/article/3530346/amd-talks-pc-gpu-ray-tracing-as-it-looks-to-the-future-of-ryzen-and-radeon.html
  4. Known for quite some time. https://www.tweaktown.com/news/74815/zotac-is-preparing-8-new-geforce-rtx-30-series-cards-so-far/index.html
  5. Agreed, and now with the latest CP2077 delay announced today, I am in absolutely zero rush to get a card. Will be really curious to see how the landscape looks when the dust settles, and if Nvidia starts using the imperfect leftover 3080 chips to ship a 3070 Ti like the new rumors suggest.
  6. I don’t necessarily think that’s the case, Nvidia crushing AMD just by allowing 3070 reviews, and I definitely don’t think most people pre-ordered 3080s; very few retailers even allowed it and for many of those that did, it is now known that companies like ASUS and EVGA are not restocking non-OC cards at this time so if you pre-ordered one of those you could be waiting well into 2021. Lots of people openly hoping AMD comes out swinging so they can actually buy a card of some kind this year. If anything Nvidia should have made their cards available today to pull off an upset, but be
  7. 3070 launch is the day after RDNA 2 announcement, and we don’t even know when AMD’s actual launch is. Launch = product available to buy
  8. Tomorrow is the announcement, launch is TBD. If we’re lucky, launch will be in early November with Zen 3.
  9. Honestly not that surprised. I’m looking at it as a good thing actually as it means more time to get a new GPU. Now let’s see MLID “leak” a conspiracy that Nvidia paid CDPR to delay so they can sell more RTX cards
  10. If you plan to overclock the FTW is a better card; much higher power limit and 3x8-pin power. If you plan to leave it stock the TUF is better and is a quieter card.
  11. That is interesting. Honestly a “3070 Ti” with those specs would be a perfect 1440p card if such a thing is released. I was hoping to grab a new card before Cyberpunk releases but the plain 3070 just does not seem like enough of an upgrade from the 1080 Ti I currently have. Really excited to see what AMDs new cards look like and how Nvidia responds.
  12. Gamers Nexus on YouTube linked two different brand 3090s for a SLI test, you should watch the whole thing start to finish as the whole video is very enlightening (941W under load!!!)
  13. Those are old rumors, the more recent information indicates Nvidia has cancelled all plans for extra 3070 and 3080 variants until the mid-cycle refresh, as they are definitely not having any troubles selling the cards they already have available. https://videocardz.com/newz/nvidia-allegedly-cancels-geforce-rtx-3080-20gb-and-rtx-3070-16gb
  14. Real MVP is the Jazz Multimedia Rendition V2200 “Bonnie and Clyde” GPU that had both PCI and AGP connections; you could flip it over and move the I/O plate to the other side to use either or.
  15. I would not expect the new PowerVR card to be remotely competitive in the gaming sphere. Intel has a better shot at releasing a competitive GPU, and even then I would expect it to be sub-AMD (Intel couldn’t even release a good GPU when they were on the top of their game in the Pentium days and there were like 7 other companies in the running). AMD has bested Nvidia before. It’s been a long time though (78xx/79xx, R9, etc). I don’t honestly think AMD will have the “best” card this generation but it sure seems like Lisa Su’s leadership has finally lit a fire under their ass to focus
  16. They built a bunch of giant empty buildings where nothing is happening, basically. They keep trying to use loopholes such as hiring temp workers and building show production lines for photo ops to claim they have accomplished something, but the whole area they occupy is a ghost town with no real purpose. They couldn’t prove that they hired enough people so they lost out on a bunch of the promised money, but the main loss is the infrastructure the state and surrounding towns invested in to support a factory that does not exist. People’s homes literally got bulldozed for Foxconn and
  17. I personally disagree. DLSS' biggest limitation is that it's not universally supported and Papa Nvidia has to bless your game with AI training to enable it. It's not like an API where the developers can just choose to incorporate it at will. There are less than 20 games that currently support it and only about 25 more with future support announced. I think it would be fair if it was universally available, but Nvidia gets to cherry pick the titles it supports with AI training. So to compare only DLSS-enabled titles and say the 3080 is the best card because it's faster in ~50 out of
  18. I live in Wisconsin where this happened and it is definitely a giant clusterfuck, but OP clearly is not here to actually discuss any of the details.
  19. 3DMark, Firestrike, Time Spy, and Port Royal benchmarks are now appearing for the AMD Radeon RX 6800XT Navi 21 AIB models. The 6800XT is the only AIB model at this time, the higher end 6900 or XTX (final name unknown) that is exclusive to AMD has not yet been thoroughly benchmarked. Quotes Wccftech It appears that Wccftech received very similar results to Igor, also divided into two groups: percent different and score difference: CapFrameX: The developer of the benchmarking utility posted initial pe
  20. Used 1080 Ti at ~$350 is pretty hard to beat right now, still trades blows with 2070 Super/2080.
  21. Nvidia no longer sells cards on its website in North America because they screwed up the 3080 launch so bad and then it was found the store was exposing cached customer data like addresses and CC info. May or may not change before 3070 release but anyone trying to get one should plan on spamming F5 on a retailer site or camping out at a brick and mortar.
  22. Correct, AMDs own letter says they “strongly recommend” such measures, says nothing about a requirement. Still, kudos to AMD for at least acknowledging the issues. Even without protections I think the AMD cards will be easier to get simply due to better yields, but more product in consumer hands = PR win for AMD, regardless of the reason.
  23. I’m calling “fake” on this one. 3800MHz was not the sweet spot on Zen 2 according to AMD’s own published info, not all Zen 2 chips can even fclk that high. The “good luck” at the end is a huge tell as well, AMD has never made weird little comments like that in past slide decks. Too many inconsistencies for something supposedly “official.”
  24. Nvidia doesn’t even officially support SLI anymore, moving forward no new titles will support it unless the developers go way out of their way to code for it, so your setup will perform like a single Titan XP in new titles and a single 3090 will handily outperform your setup. You will probably win a highest power draw competition but that’s about it. Even in older titles, SLI did not scale in a realistic enough fashion to be worth the headache, hate to say it but you are probably gonna be pretty disappointed.