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  1. It's been this way for at least 2 months now, I gave the problem the benefit of the doubt for a bit and was making due with a VPN solution but lately the VPN has been getting really congested and not working for me. Not sure if it's been going on for longer than that, I mostly play Apex Legends now and in past versions of the game there were no network indicators so I very likely just thought other players were having issues or the game was running poorly. Now that there are network indicators I can see I have constant loss and the players hitching/freezing and general laggy feeling I get is f
  2. Yeah I imagine they're just doing things to placate me but the problem is none of their solutions have actually helped. The problems usually start at hop 4, in this case level3 is giving me some loss but I was reading a bit online and that seems like it has to do with icmp requests. Included a screenshot of WinMTR I've already had it replaced and the issue persists.
  3. around 10-20% over several hops, they've replaced the ONT on the side of my house, remote reset my lines multiple times (my understanding is they also plugged me into a different line) and replaced the router. Using a VPN is my only solution right now but that's only when it wants to cooperate
  4. Hey all been having an issue with packet loss in a bunch of games for the past couple of weeks and am not really sure what I can do to fix the problems. I've contacted my provider 6 times and none of their proposed solutions or troubleshooting methods have helped. Recently had a tech come to my house and replace the router and ONT on the side of the house and I'm still having problems. I believe my issue stems from poor routing as the only temporary fix I have is using a VPN but even then I'm at the mercy of their service. At this point I'm just wondering if there was anything I could do outsi
  5. everything looks good on that front
  6. working on these right now, but I have noticed one of the fans is actually running at a lower RPM than the other, still no control over the fans themselves but if I had to guess why it was spinning as fast it's probably because the one fan is trying to cool for two. Working on a warranty claim too cause I feel like it might be that time
  7. GIGABYTE Z370P D3 i7-8700K Zotac GTX 970 16GB DDR4 Ram
  8. doing this has no effect, I have absolutely no control over the fan speed at this point and any way I try to change it doesn't do anything.
  9. not really sure what that would entail but I guess it's worth looking into, thanks for the suggestion
  10. I recently upgraded my motherboard and cpu and for whatever reason my GPU fans have been acting up. They'll randomly spin up to 100% and no fan controller has any effect on how fast they run. The fans have been consistently running but have never ran as loud/fast as they are now since the upgrade. Tried re-seating it uninstalling and reinstalling drivers but nothing is working. Any ideas? Edit: Im actually just now noticing some small clicking noises that stop when i touch my fans so there's that
  11. ASRock Z77 Extreme4 ATX LGA1155 Motherboard I stream and do some video editing, but the upgrade would mostly be so I can stream without it affecting the game's performance. added PCPP list
  12. I have a computer with an LGA 1155 motherboard and a i5-3350p. I was recently looking at upgrading to a 3770k off of eBay for about 180 USD, but I'm not sure if I should spend the extra right now and upgrade my motherboard as well or if just upgrading the CPU will be enough. What do you guys think Edit for PCPP of my current build, not interested in overclocking at any point https://pcpartpicker.com/list/Pbj6qk
  13. So I've had a Xonar DG 5.1 soundcard for a little while now and it's been working fine. Last night I went to bed and everything was good but I woke up to this loud static in my left ear cup on my 558s. I tried switching what mode it was on (headphone/2 speaker etc.) and nothing helped. After reinstalling the drivers my problem went away but only if I use the 2 speaker option in the Audio Center, if I tried to use the headphone mode like I always have the buzzing comes back. Headphones are good on other devices and I have no idea what the issue is could use some help, thanks in advance
  14. Thanks for the suggestion, I'll keep that in mind while I'm looking through reviews