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  1. if anything, u could just look at both product pages. dimensions for the gpu. case would most likely have compatible dimensions
  2. i mean theres nothing wrong with wanting an aftermarket cooler, especially if hes willing to shell out the money for it. and he does seem to have some wiggle room in the budget so why not
  3. ur system seems a bit overkill for what u plan to do with it. but aside from that, ur best bet is to check the exact dimensions of the cooler. but seeing as u are getting lpx ram, i dont think there would be a problem honestly. while on the topic of ram however, is there not a 4x8 kit? as i see u carted out 2(2x8) kits. but i mean if u really wanted to get rid of the problem altogether, u could go with an aio im pretty sure u should be fine with ur lpx ram, but im not 100%. also yeah the pcpartpicker ram cooler dimension warming is basically always listed.
  4. yeah i downloaded the one from amd a few days ago, i was just wondering if i overlooked a specific one for my motherboard. thanks!
  5. what about for asrock ab350 pro4? from the list of downloads, i cant tell which one is the chipset drivers
  6. Ah that makes sense. What about if u upgrade? Is it kinda like gpu drivers where u should ddu it? Or like if u dl, say b550, would it just overwrite or take priority or something, over b350
  7. Ah cool so its almost just like gpu drivers with random fixes and improvements
  8. really? cuz me with a 1600 on b350 has been fine for over a year. idk how relevant this is but ive DDUed my pc for a gpu upgrade and added an ssd. (just adding that if it is somehow relevant) 2 of my friends i helped them with building both have 3600s on b550 and iirc they both dont have chipset drivers downloaded too and they both seem to be fine. only notable problem ive noticed from them is that one of them says that their refresh rate seems to always change, but i kinda doubt that its related to that. then again im no expert so i could be wrong.
  9. So from what little ive heard is that downloading the chipset drivers will add the ryzen optimized power plans to windows. Being balanced and high performance. Aside from those, what else exactly are the benefits to downloading them? With the power plans, some have said that they dont really matter anymore and that its better to use the windows plans. also on the topic of power plans, some have said that using balanced actually is better than using performance. and for some reason the ryzen high performance plan disappeared for me.
  10. isnt the boot drive kinda autodetected? but if not, technically u could just choose boot/boot order in the bios anyway right. also is the chipset driver similar to like gpu drivers where itd be better to clean them off and install the new?
  11. why exactly is the a pro better? and to clarify im talking about the gaming x v2 specifically, not the first version. and yeah ik of the bios update. i have a 1600 currently to use even if the boards didnt have bios flashback features.
  12. about maybe 140usd or less in california. gona go for prob a 5600 or 5600x cpu. gpu going to be in the 3070 or slightly lower. was thinking about when the 6700xt comes out. rest is 16gb 2x8 ram h100i aio 6 rgb ml pro fans
  13. oh oops. forgot to mention i was going for a full size atx
  14. current system is ryzen 5 1600 16gb 3000mhz ripjaws v (2x8) asrock b350 pro 4 1660 super tuf gaming x3 250gb 860 evo ssd boot drive 500gb ssd m.2 teamgroup 1tb hdd i never really touched drive configs i think. built system like summer 2019