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  1. But SATA has B and M keys and NVME has one M key as much I know so are you confirm that both slots support NVME
  2. How many m.2 NVME slots present in Asus ROG Strix- E gaming motherboard have, please tell me confirm
  3. Want to play games, surf internet and run some softwares
  4. Please tell me on which network will it run because in past I had BSNL landline which need landline connection
  5. Do iphone 12 is good option for 2021 because it doesn't have LPDDR5 memory
  6. Suggest a good motherboard for 9900K with Z390 chipset but please don't suggest very expensive or very cheap around 30-40K (400-500$)
  7. Suggest a good wifi 6 router which doesn't need a LAN connection