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  1. Recently my graphics card went completely dead, no fan spin no signal out to monitor and I got it into my head to check continuity to see if there was a problem. Pins 1 and 5 on the psu on the 6+2 cable are shorted to ground on both the psu and video card. Is this normal? Yea I'm that much of a noob. Thanks for any help. I ordered a new card so im not really wanting to fix the old one just tinker and learn really.
  2. I'm by no means an expert but I had a 1050ti do something similar. My system shut down unexpectedly but still had power to the board even though all fans had stopped. When I finally got her back up an running the monitor was completely black although it was receiving a signal and even though the PC would boot I got nothing but a black screen from the GPU. I replaced the GPU with a radeon 580 and although I could get to windows the PC was still giving me a fit when I tried to run a game. Turns out it was a bad PSU and not the GPU all along. I put the 1050ti back in it and it had no issues. Wast
  3. This is all of the HWinfo stuff.
  4. HWino reports 31c and 13c... How the heck am I supposed to know what temp to go by lol? The bios says 13c when I boot up and let it run for a minute or two.
  5. So 3c from Aida 64 extreme isn't right or that isn't the actual temp I should read? Should I go by the 10c from core temp or the 7c?
  6. Ill shut down and check the bios. If it's right Is 3c dangerous? Should I be worried about it?
  7. I don't know what cooler she's using. It's not after market though. I don't have the money to buy an after market cooler. I do like my room a bit cooler but it's definitely not 3c. It's about 64 maybe 61 in here.
  8. I stopped the stress and this is what I got through another software. 23 is what she topped out through the stress.
  9. Is this temp safe on a amd fx-8300 air cooled under a 47% load? I mean isn't 3c almost freezing? Can that damage my processor?
  10. The new CX650 is installed and am currently playing the outer worlds. Thanks for all the help peops.
  11. Update: I decided to throw caution to the wind and test the PSU's short protection by creating a short in the molex. The PSU and MB do the same thing as before when the short occurs. The PC shuts down but the power light stays on. I cannot reboot the PC until I flip the switch. Does this mean the PSU is shorting when I put the GPU under load and it's doing what it should, shutting down? If so does that means the PSU is not the problem and the board is shorting something when the GPU is under load? Is that even possible? OR does it mean the PSU is shorting when the power draw increases? T
  12. Thank you for the info. I'm asking a friend on facebook if they'll let me use their PS to test to see if it's the board If it isn't the board then I'll order that PSU you guys have been a great help. Thanks so much
  13. There is a Corsair 650w CX for 60 ish bucks That's on the B+ tier if I'm reading the list right. Would it do?
  14. I reset the bios before I did the reinstall of Windows 10. Even pulled out the battery and left it for an hour just to make sure. I live in Gaffney SC that's about as far into the woods as you can get really so unfortunately for me there are no computer repair shops around for quite a bit. I think Spartanburg has one that's like 60 miles away but they don't stock parts. He can order it but it'll take 4 days and I can have one shipped to my house in 2 days and save the gas lol. I thought about going to good will and seeing if they had anything but they don't even have computers at the Good will
  15. Yea the PSU is awful but to be honest I didn't know anything about PSUs when I bought it, still don't to be completely honest. It did the job for 3 years with the gtx 650 and for like 2 years ish with the 1050ti until that moment when the issues started. I know it's probably a good idea to replace it with something better and I'm looking at a corsair 650 as the replacement if the PSU if it's the culprit. Any thoughts?