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  1. Thanks alot for the answer. it explains clearly what im looking for, and i was given the tube as a gift so im gonna stick with them for now.
  2. Ive read that D5 are usually built tougher, more durable and less noise. But i will keep it in mind. Do you know if my tubes ( available in the picture above) is compatible with 1/4 threads?
  3. Hello im planning to order a custom watercool loop and I have some questions for what i need. First off im gonna be using Byski and my loop will use: -D5 Pump 1100 L/h -Cpu block -M2 nvme block -Ram Block -360mm Rad -custom distro plate that i will be designing -flow/temp sensor -16 MM tubes Im planning to add in the future a GPU block (i have a vega 56 theres not any blocks for it on the market). The loop will be as such : Pump ---> M2 nvme ---> distro plate ---> Cpu ---> Ram ----> Distro plate ----&
  4. So, ive asked for help in the past but no one could help me, im gonna try again. A year ago i bought a used z270f strix board, it looks great and used to work great with my 7400 for a while then it started having issues and 90% of the issues were related to boot. Bear in mind that ive changed each and every component in my pc including the case but never my motherboard. Problems occur when i turn off my pc and leave it for at least 5 minutes turned off (theres still power the led is on) and if I wont be able to turn it back on. im gonna list all the issues ive had. -Wont bo
  5. Well anw the PSU seems good, I ranch a few benchmarks, I played GTA ultra dota and other games seems fine thanks alot peeps Stay safe
  6. Absolutely right but at the time I had a 7400 and was playing game with a 1060 and was happy but i recently started unreal engine and playing more demanding games so time for a small upgrade
  7. Its new and was in box its a red dragon 700w modular i hope it does the job just like i said im still a bit afraid bcuz of asus recommending a 750w PSU
  8. So i just got the redragon 700w gonna test it hope it will work
  9. Even when it comes from asus official website itself?
  10. All right thanks everyoneeee for very fast answer I will buy the 700W but the guy told me i can always give it back and upgrade. I was just scared because Asus recommended a 750W and im using a 700W Hopefully nothing breaks and i can enjoy my new build Stay safe people
  11. your absolutely right but not to get into politics and stuff theres a whole crisis in lebanon and i just bought the vega yesterday and a 6600k so im really really short i never expected to buy a PSU And i even wanted a 1000W gold but the prices are wayyy to expensive like its the price of a 7700k when there was no crisis XD
  12. Hello peeps, hope everyone doing all right during corona time. I bought yesterday a Asus Strix Vega 56 and it has a 8+8 Pin power connector so my unbranded chinese psu is out of the question. Unfortunately PSU here in my country are expensive and only good price i could find was for a 700W Red Dragon semi modular Bronze certified. Now ive read that the vega 56 needs minimum a 500W PSU but the asus official website says Recommended is 750W. What does this mean? Can the PC turn on with the PSU knowing its less than the recommended Wattage? Will that break any component be
  13. Hey man thanks for your answer! I recently bought the 1660Ti and i won't upgrade anytime soon. I already have a small loop from aliexpress which include a cpu block and ram block and its working well, unfortunately i've started to hear rattling noise from the right fan of my zotac and its like an issue with alot of zotac and i also wanted to watercool it because of the noise of the fan. I tried looking for the NZXT but it doenst fit my GPU thats the problem it woulve been so nice
  14. Hello peeps, I have a Zotac 1660Ti and im looking to watercool it. I want to get a block from aliexpress (I know, not always trustworthy and could go elsewhere but its my only option rn). I found only one model from the byski store https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000411316779.html?spm=a2g0o.productlist.0.0.4eb873ebAgfYKF&algo_pvid=101fb632-862a-45a2-8a31-52952653c20a&algo_expid=101fb632-862a-45a2-8a31-52952653c20a-8&btsid=0ab6d59515904752453172696ef9b8&ws_ab_test=searchweb0_0,searchweb201602_,searchweb201603_ But it says its compatible with the zotac 1660 twin
  15. Unfortunately I cant move my case (i dont have enough space under my desk for my feet and im afraid of kicking the glass panel) Even with the fan speed i still can hear it it makes a loud noise when i play games or render in unreal engine And im more of a speaker guy I use a samsung sound bar But how about the benchmarking for 24h any idea?