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  1. are you sure about that? I do have 2 nvme on my motherboard. Which one should I try removing?
  2. Yes this is exactly what im gonna do and also I have the RTX 3080 MSI which has nice rgb and aesthetic if mounted vertically and all of case has rgb synced and everything so this kinda the cherry on top
  3. Oh okay I can try buying the Asus ROG rs200 but its like 50-60$
  4. it didn't work im still getting the same result hovering around 70 fps
  5. I don't understand how any of this work. All I know was that If i plug my 3080 directly into the motherboard i get all the performance I need so 144fps on every game with vsync on. But when i use the riser to have a vertical gpu mount it gets slow this is why. I want to use the riser it looks better in my build
  6. Okay great ill try this when i get home. I really hope this works
  7. So basically its not a driver issue since I used DDU already and same problem happened when I used a 3070 Ti and I thought the 3070Ti was bad then I bought this RTX 3080 and I used it without the riser and it was working fine but then I used the vertical yesterday and im back to low frame rates.
  8. any advice on what I should do then? maybe buy another riser cable im trying to look for a 4.0 one. There is the ROG Strix RIser cable 3.0 do you think it will perform better than the one i currently have?
  9. Okay downloaded and Idk if I should wait but im using 100% at 1920Mhz 64 Degree. And it is also saying PCIe X16 4.0 @ x1 3.0
  10. My riser is connected to the main slot and im not running a test with GPU-Z using just CPU-Z to check and ive noticed something. When im the Mainboard tab I see Bus Specs PCI-Express 3.0 however below in the Graphic interface I see Bus: PCI-Express 4.0 and current link width: x1 Max supported: x16 Current Link Speed: 2.5 GT/s Max supported: 16.0 GT/s thats weird
  11. But I am running PCIe 4.0 and I can confirm based on CPU-z and also since ive tried both ways with and without the Riser and theres a huge difference. Yes I know use the GPU without the riser but I want to have a vertical GPU and some users are able to change from 4.0 to 3.0.
  12. Hello peeps how is everyone doing? I had a phantek vertical GPU mount and just learned about PCIe 3.0 and 4.0. My Vega 56 was working very well when I was using the riser and now that I upgraded to a MSI 3080 LHR, im getting 60 fps at 100% usage on starcraft 2/battlefield 1. I tried to go into the bios to change the PCIe to 3.0 but i cant seem to find the setting although I'm following the steps correctly (based on YouTube and forums). Now for my issue I cant seem to find anything litterally anything online so if anyone can give me any tip to change PCIe from 4.0 to 3.0. Rig
  13. wait what box do you mean? Im using the asus rog z490-F is it the same there?
  14. I will try that in a few minutes, question what could be the risk if something goes wrong with the RAM tuning. I can't really afford to break those RAM
  15. its really weird whats happening. I don't think im doing something wrong because I used to do it on my old Z270 and it worked but now It just won't work