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  1. Country: US, NJ Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: unity, photoshop, and single player games Specs: core i7-9750H, gtx1650, 16gb ram, 1tb SSD hey guys, so I currently have an XPS 15 7590 and I want to use it for unity and some demanding games like the outerworlds and cyberpunk if it turns out to be a real game, I don't really need a lot of fps but I want to crank up the settings all the way up and maybe enable ray-tracing every now and then so I wanted to get a dock station but I'm not sure about compatability or if it could even work at all and I was
  2. Hi guys, I am gonna buy a new laptop soon and was wondering if you have anything you'd recommend, I'm gonna be using it for school and I'll also be using unity and Photoshop on it, also light gaming since most of the games that I play aren't that demanding anyway So the thing I care about the most is for the display to be as good as a 1080p panel can get in botht colour accuracy and brightness and to be a 15.6" display, currently the laptops that I'm thinking of are the Dell xps 15, Asus zenbook 15 and Razer blade 15, so I want to know what do you think the best one is and if there