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  1. I wish I would have watched this when it came out. I have 3 different softwares controlling rgb.
  2. If u have rgb software such as icue or nzxt cam running try turning it off then test the game. I tried it today and warzone has never run so smooth.
  3. Legit I turned my rgb software off and it's perfect. I've never seen the game run so smooth.
  4. I should also add is everything is played at 1440p
  5. So I was having terrible frametimes in games like cod, overwatch, apex legends. Cod was pretty much unplayable. Going from 120 fps to 20s or 30s then back up. These stutters happened every couple seconds. I tried adjusting ingame settings and nothing worked. Then today I tried turning off nzxt cam and corsair icue. Now I have perfect fps and frametimes. What I'm wondering is if my cpu is to underpowered to run a game and this software in the background. I5 9600k Aorus 2080 super Z390 aorus master 4x8gb g skill Trident z 3000mhz 750w psu 250 gb 970 evo m.2 1t
  6. so if anyone was wondering. the way i fixed it was i went into the files and found the file from the message and deleted it. the software is working now!
  7. I dont believe so. I never had this problem until corsair icue was installed. I did try to remove rgb fusion and reinstall. But I still got that message in the picture.
  8. Is there a specific way to restart to clear that error. Because I've restarted and powered down multiple times. It's been an issue for about 5 days now.
  9. since ive downloaded corsair icue i cant use rgb fusion 2.0. i keep getting the message in the attached picture. any help would be appreciated. corsair is controlling my 9 ql fans so uninstalling it is kinda off the table.
  10. So when I download a lighting profile on Google chrome from corsairs website it downloads as an internet explorer webpage. My roommate is able to download the same file on his computer and it doesn't open as an internet explorer link. He also tried emailing me the file from his download and it still opened as an internet explorer tab.
  11. I have an aorus 2080 super graphics card, i5 8400 cpu and in pretty much every game I get frame tearing. (Esspecially bad In overwatch) i have an aorus 1440p monitor 144z (i run all my games at those settings) I let the game auto set everything else( usually goes to ultra settings). I am wondering if theres usually an in game setting that can reduce or remove the tearing(other then vsync) or is my cpu possibly causing this. I'm not a tech guy and am relatively new to pc gaming.
  12. I am not could you offer a link I could use to reinstall it. also will I have to redownload my games?