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  1. I think that 5 pin connector is likely a 5 pin XLR. You should be able to get an adapter cable to go from 5 pin XLR to the more common 3 pin XLR.
  2. well I don't think the whole extremist vegetarian/vegan thing is helped by people like the "vegan teacher" Not to argue but with the vegan diet land in gets cleared to grow crops which doesn't help with climate change.
  3. No I'm totally fine with having a full height bracket what I mean is how in my experience the full height one is attached to the card but the 1/2 height is in the box and you have to install the card when it is specifically low profile.
  4. Something that ground my gears was when I got my graphics card which was specifically low profile , shipping with the full height bracket attached and with the low profile one in the box. Yes people may buy cards that are low profile because of budget and availability but I believe that majority of people who would buy a low profile card buy it because it needs to fit in a small case so why fit it with the full height bracket.
  5. Hopefully it will get through customs border ok as I know that Brexit has really messed up imports/exports at the ports
  6. Got a graphics card for my system (1st ever graphics card). I know it's not that great but with budget and fitting in a SFF system (Dell OptiPlex 7020) I came to choose the GeForce GT 1030.
  7. Whilst it is cool that Apple has patented a VR glove I am struggling to see where it would fit into their product line up as Apple isn't exactly the place to go for gamers. I reckon it could never see the light of day.
  8. Yeah that's what Linus said in the video. To me it makes sense for it be relative if productions spend thousands on high end equipment a decent cable is not going to break the bank.
  9. Have you had this before ? Have you thought of putting a sound card into your PC as that should be better for sound. Are power cables close to the quarter inch cables?
  10. I've always used Bullguard internet security which I find works fine does the job the only thing would say is I don't know if others do this but when Bullguard puts an offer on occasionally, you have a popup telling you about on when you get logged into your pc.
  11. yeah at my home I have a HP deskjet and If I recall correctly the setup up was connect the printer to the network via WPS then download HP smart (only for scanning things) so the last part isn't necesarry for barebones printer and photocopying.
  12. Yes because I believe some games which take ages to load that is because the load the whole map or game at the start rather than load it parts in the background when you get into the game
  13. As most people have said it is faster response times. If you have a M.2 SSD I suppose that you take up less space inside the case compared to a hard drive.
  14. Listening to the whole album right now . Always listened to this in the car :