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  1. WhyML

    W10Pro key

    Hi, I was looking in the internet for a Windows 10 Pro key for my new machine, I've found one on Allkeyshop for something like 4$ in OEM ediion. Are these resellers good ? The one who is selling has a gold reseller mention, is that a good sign ? Thanks !
  2. Hi, I am from Canada and looking for a new laptop, I use it for medical research and learning home design with Revit and Autocad from time to time/ I would also like to learn a little bit of programming. Battery is not that important because I stay at home or office near power source, but I should be able to put it on a backpack/ I have no idea of budget that would be necessary, but I would like to get something solid and durable. Thanks !
  3. Solved, I managed to get a 55$ refund after filling a forced selling report with a consumer protection agency. I will have to return my machine to repair center so they can remove key and OS from the machine.
  4. I see that you are discussing something that I didn't ask for, I never used Windows since XP, instead using Debian. My question was too simple: is it possible to get refund on my windows licence, not if I can use WIndows 7 on my recent system...
  5. Hi everyone I bought a Lenovo Thinkbook 14s (20RM0005US) here in Canada with Windows 10 Pro. I am a long date Linux user, son I didn't agree with the WIndows EULA and the computer turned off, I want to know if there is any process in Canada to remove these bundled OS and get licence price refunded. Have anyone tried that before ? Thanks in advance
  6. I've found this one, what do you think ? https://www.amazon.ca/Dell-Inspiron-15-6-inch-i7-1065G7-Non-Touch/dp/B082XHCG6S/ @Lord Vile forget about MacBooks
  7. What I'm actually looking for is a laptop with Core i7, 8/16g of RAM and some dedicated gpu for some lightweight machine learning, I would put 1000CAD exl tax.
  8. I'm a web developper and need a new laptop for my work, I work with NodeJS and Python in the backend. I found this one, is it good for my usage ? https://www.newegg.ca/black-dell-inspiron-15-3583-mainstream/p/1TS-000A-070C4 Thanks !
  9. I would certainly take the 2018 one if I can change the keyboard for free in Canada, w Is there anything else I should ask for before bidding for the laptop ?
  10. What about these macs ? - https://www.ebay.ca/itm/Apple-MacBook-Pro-Retina-15-Laptop-BTO-May-2015-2-8GHz-i7-16GB-512SSD-15-4/293468619046 - https://www.ebay.ca/itm/MacBook-Pro-15-Touch-Bar-Space-Gray-2016-2-6GHz-i7-16GB-256GB-Fair-Condition/274274323466 - https://www.ebay.ca/itm/Apple-MacBook-Pro-15-inch-2018-i7-2-6GHz-16GB-RAM-512GB-SSD-AppleCare/193350460978
  11. Well, I have a desktop computer but I'm going to move to a residence which is small enough to have a place for it. I can alternatively do remote desktop or use GCP for AI tasks. Can you suggest some specific models of MacBook Pro for my 1000CA$ budget ? Also, I need some good sellers where I can get it.
  12. I am planning to play with Arduino, logic IC and signal (de)modulation. Certainly I will take the Rigol, do you have some seller that ships worlwide from China ? I didn't find it on BG.
  13. I returned the mac becauseit had an Intel GPU which was unusable for image processing and machine learning tasks. AMD is not optimized for AI right now too. I would like to stay on Windows systems.