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    Jason 57 got a reaction from DJ46 in Replaced my Battle Station   
    So there have been a few upgrades since the last time I remarked on this. I did get a Gigabyte 34" Ultrawide 2K 144Hz monitor. My plan was to get a mount to put the old Ultrawide above it. But my brother-in-law was asking me about a cheap PC that he could play SWTOR on. 
    Funny thing, My old setup did exactly that. And my wife wanted more stuff out of the garage, so I put some pieces back into my old case. I cleaned out the dust, put some other drives into it. Let him pick out a keyboard and mouse from my pile. Then gave him the old Ultrawide. 
    Needless to say, I took his breath away. I told him, I would rather give my stuff to family then try to sell it. 
    First change was keyboard. I got a Roccat Vulcan Pro full size mechanical-optical keyboard. Then a Razer Deathadder wireless mouse. Bought a GN wireframe mouse Autographed and an iFixIt pro tool kit. 

    Then I got my first aftermarket CPU cooler, the Vetroo V5 Black cooler. 

    A Leven 2TB SSD

    Sabrent 1TB NVMe Gen 4 drive for doing video conversion on. 

    Lastly Artic 120MM x2 and 140MM x2 fans. 
    Sorry for taking it with the glass on.

    The 120MM fans pull air through the PSU shroud and one 140MM fan is after the CPU cooler to aid exhaust. 
    So far temps have gotten much better. At idle the GPU is about 34C and 53C with the GPU fans at full throttle while gaming. 
    The CPU runs about 53C pretty much at idle and full load. 
    And the color on the CPU cooler is not for aesthetics, it indicates the temperature of the CPU. Blue is <40C, Green is 40C to 80C (I think) and Red >80C.  
    Any feedback is greatly appreciated. I had one of the 140MM fans pulling air from top before the CPU cooler. It didn't seem like it helped my temps. 

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    Jason 57 got a reaction from DJ46 in Replaced my Battle Station   
    I finally got my new desk built, sanded, stained, assembled and now installed!
    Still have a bit more cable management to accomplish, but at least it is functional. 
    The Mess before I started. 

    This is what my workstation has been like for years.

    Our robot vacuum would constantly get caught on the cables, and they bothered me.

    Not much room.

    Had to clean the space while I had the chance.

    Old desk next to new. Sorry for the blurry photo.

    The new one fits. My cat Bennett (Benny) agrees. 

    Here is my cable management system. 
    That is a metal bracket (I bent out of Aluminum bar stock) holding the UPS and a Rain Gutter downspout extension I am using for a cable raceway. $6 instead of the nice metal IKEA one for $35. 

    Putting stuff on the new desk. 

    Here is my first cable management for my desk attempt. At least our robot vacuum can get under there now. 

    And now my tower is no longer on the floor anymore. 

    I appreciate all the feedback and ideas while I was doing this!!!
    Hey @Mateyyy, @TofuHaroto what do you think? 
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    Jason 57 got a reaction from MTrencovski in Where to get case screws   
    Here are some on Amazon https://www.amazon.com/Zmbroll-Standoffs-Universal-Motherboard-Screwdriver/dp/B08R658PF9/ref=sr_1_3?crid=L3KPFL01M8YH&dchild=1&keywords=motherboard+screws+and+standoffs&qid=1629316325&s=electronics&sprefix=motherboard+screws%2Celectronics%2C168&sr=1-3 It's ALL the screws you need and then some.
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    Jason 57 reacted to Dedayog in how can i put a mobo in a case when i lost the screws.   
    Can buy more screws?
    Maybe you shouldn't handle tools 🙂  
    I have NO idea how I am supposed to avoid being banned when I am being set up and baited like this.   Like putting a salt lick out for deer.
    May as well ban me now.  I am barely resisting...  
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    Jason 57 reacted to Ammitzboell in Mounting a new cooler   
    Great success

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    Jason 57 reacted to James Evens in Show off your latest purchase!   
    How crazy is it to buy  a G413 just for keycaps (the original G613 keycaps are bad/cheap)?
    Btw. This is another one which needs  a switch replacement. Are Romer-G such an large issue (keycaps are a obvious mistake but also the switches itself)?
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    Jason 57 reacted to 8tg in Show off your latest purchase!   
    More cassette tapes.
    Just ordered this one today.
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    Jason 57 reacted to Mr.Meerkat in Show off your latest purchase!   
    Me: Sells my Sony FE 35 1.8 lens cause I don't use it since getting my 16-35 2.8
    "Tell me you have impulse buying issues without telling me"

    Panny 20 1.7 for £65 ❤️, whilst I don't even own a MFT body, hold that thought...

    MPB offered me a price similar to eBay for my 35 1.8 without any seller fees plus I was able to whip out my student discount (and another discount code I have...), and both the body and ultrazoom lens was wayyyyyyyy cheaper than eBay and that's without the discounts, mind you so with the discounts... 😅
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    Jason 57 reacted to sub68 in Show off your latest purchase!   
    I got a print for my sister's roommate.

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    Jason 57 reacted to King_PIN in Show off your latest purchase!   
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    Jason 57 reacted to King_PIN in Show off your latest purchase!   
    My A D I D A S!


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    Jason 57 reacted to FmPhenom in Show off your latest purchase!   
    Worx aerocart and wagon kit from worx.com that just came in (had some sale and bing and capital one web browser coupons that made it $210 shipped!)  and 4 cases of h20 and Mexican cokes, Fanta, sprite from costco.

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    Jason 57 reacted to Nepcchi in Show off your latest purchase!   
    More shiny cardboard 

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    Jason 57 reacted to Moonzy in Show off your latest purchase!   
    It has arrived!

    Finally x-x
    But too busy to do anything now -sigh-
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    Jason 57 reacted to SeanChronicR in Show off your latest purchase!   
    Bought from Canada Computers anyone looking for a GPU Rn might be worth a phone call 

    (Proof I’m actually using it)
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    Jason 57 reacted to atxcyclist in Show off your latest purchase!   
    I live in Texas, and the storm that came through a few months back was an eye-opener for many people about disaster preparedness, and I decided I need to step my game up a little more.
    I've got multiple types of camp stoves/fuels, extra blankets, canned food, water filtration, and first aid covered, but didn't have a generator. So since the rush on them has waned slightly, and stock has improved, I bought a 2200watt surge/1800 watt continuous invertor generator, a Westinghouse iGen2200. Plus it has the benefit of being portable, so outside of disasters I can take it with me if I'll want/need it.

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    Jason 57 reacted to jaslion in how can i put a mobo in a case when i lost the screws.   
    2 is NOT ENOUGH.
    The reason there are so many screws you have to put in is so that you don't stress and warp the board.
    The psu screws might work frist try them without the board in the case. But I do think the threading is different.
    Either way just go buy a bag of what you need they are very inexpensive.
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    Jason 57 reacted to thrasher_565 in Best PC Case Of All Time?   
    im going to mount the gpu up front. i got the mount bracket and pcie extension(think its long enough) but i want to block off the front from the back so all the gpu air gos out the sides. sould have superb air cooling when im done. also thing on moving the psu to the bottom front so i can put fans on the bottom and top as i think this will be better for cooling thow the cpu heat sink would need to be up and down hmmm
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    Jason 57 reacted to thrasher_565 in Best PC Case Of All Time?   
    i have them but cut the leds out because i liked to sleep at night. i piced up an antec lanboy off ebay for $300 so i got plans for that.
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    Jason 57 reacted to TVwazhere in Best PC Case Of All Time?   
    Base level 10, or Level 10 GT?

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    Jason 57 reacted to thrasher_565 in Best PC Case Of All Time?   
    i got the 1200 and modded the hell out of it.

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    Jason 57 reacted to Luscious in I Once Caught a Monitor THIS BIG - Samsung Odyssey Neo G9 Showcase (SPONSORED)   
    Sorry but I'm a LG loyal. For me if I was shopping in the 49 inch size I'd get the LG 49WL95C-WE. It's not targeted at gaming specifically and it does only run at 60Hz, but it IS stackable and has their dual controller tech built in. The first one means that you can get a crazy 5Kx3K desktop with just a slim break in the middle. The other feature allows you to hook up TWO balls-to-the-wall systems and control them with just a single keyboard and mouse. Forget multitasking - that's MEGA tasking like a boss.
    For a pure gaming monitor I'd have to go with the LG 38GL950G-B. I'm already at home with 3440x1400 displays so upgrading to the bigger 3840x1600 would bring some very nice benefits and be especially useful for non-gaming work as well.
    Arguing that gear like this is "out of stock" is one thing, but even if they were available, your pushing $1800 for just a gaming monitor and right on 3 grand for a pair of 49 inchers. For that kind of money I demand quality. My current monitor has been running for 7 years now, and in that time I've only had to send it in once where they did a board swap. The display is still perfect, I have no dead pixels and the backlight is still going strong. Now if Samsung can match LG for quality there would be an argument for me to consider their monitors. Specs alone aren't enough, especially if what you've paid for becomes a throwaway after 4 short years.
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    Jason 57 reacted to Asbo Zapruder in I Once Caught a Monitor THIS BIG - Samsung Odyssey Neo G9 Showcase (SPONSORED)   
    Of course Andy was joking.
    What you should akshully do is set your wallpaper to bright white and your game to windowed 16:9.
    That way you get your gameplay nice and centered, with two nice, big lights on either side!
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    Jason 57 reacted to F60Outrunn in Where did THESE come from???   
    the timing of this in relation to the steam deck announcement is kind of fantastic in a way, might boost the viewing figures. Also its Anthony and who doesnt love Anthony!?
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    Jason 57 reacted to leoc in Where did THESE come from???   
    All from Japan? (0:39) OMG, you're not suggesting we've forgotten about the Lynx already are you? 😉 Seriously, the Lynx deserves a bit of recognition these days. It pioneered the form factor—a wide, narrow box with a landscape display and controls on each side—which even Nintendo has come around to by now. And while it was mocked for its considerable size I can't help noticing that it's actually significantly smaller than the Steam Deck. (Admittedly the Deck is much more of an all-round device.)