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  1. forgot the specs: mobo: a320m-dgs ram: Corsair venegance (8 out of 16gb) 3200mhz processor: ryzen 5 2600 graphics: gtx 1660 ti
  2. Hello, im having trouble playing games, im having blue screens with code irql not less or equal. One of my ram sticks was faulty, so i removed it and it should be okay, well its not. I attached an dmp file copied into a .txt dmp.txt
  3. + why thermal shutdown wouldnt let me open settings or discord?
  4. Wasnt checking them yet, ill have afterburner opened the whole next time i play doom eternal and i will give info, cant today anymore tho.
  5. So im noticing a huge problem with my pc and i have no idea how to fix it. Im playing games and they crash after idk 2-3 hours of playing, and they are not opening after they crashed( they are crashing a few seconds after i open them again). After (in this case doom eternal) crashed i decided to open windows settings, oh well it opens and crashes instantly like the game does... Then i decided to open discord- same thing. Everything just crashes and i have no idea which pc component is broken. If i want to go to my windows notifications tab to make a screenshot using snipping tool, its disabl
  6. Hi today i bought a bluetooth adapter savio bt-040 and there is a problem with it. Its connected to the pc via usb 2.0 and its recognized as a headset "dongle" and not a adapter i guess. When i connect my phone with it an error is occuring and i get a message "bluetooth is either disconnected on my pc or im not in 10 meter range", second message is "something is already connected to the pc"... Do u guys have any fix for that problem, ill add i have cd with drivers from the box for it even tho its plug and play, well i have no cd drive to put that cd in.
  7. ok guys i cleaned the pc up and the temperatures are kinda ok now 60 celsius with opera opened
  8. @Sajiko ill think about it, maybe ill just clean it up and see how it goes
  9. @Sajiko I have it for a year now and its been fine, im going to keep it
  10. @martward the cooler is sitting tight af so i think its not the problem...
  11. @martward No. It was build by local pc store, was looking very good and stable, and at the time i needed a new pc, so i bought it.
  12. @martward should i turn off the pc? What should i do to check if cooler is mounted correctly?
  13. @Fasauceome @martward there are no tasks except for opera taking 15% cpu but i think its not that much right?