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  1. @mussifer@xHyPnOtiZeDx What profile are you guys using in ASUS Armoury Crate? On the turbo profile it overclocks your GPU core by 100Mhz and the GPU memory by 150Mhz. Maybe try using the Performance profile as it doesn't overclock anything.
  2. If you want give @Mamba#2901 in the Ryzen Discord the thanks, he is the one that provided this for us.
  3. I hear ya, I'm just happy someone got this BIOS and was able to share it with us. Nothing like a company fixing a major issue with a product and then not getting the fix out there in circulation.
  4. Glad its working for you! Here is the link to the Ryzen Controller Discord https://discord.gg/bUR7ZY
  5. @mussifer Another user in the Ryzen Controller Discord has used it along with the guy who provided it for us. The BIOS change log is in the little picture on my post with the BIOS link. With this BIOS I can actually overclock my GPU core by 200Mhz and GPU memory by 300Mhz and no need for Ryzen Controller anymore for me. Getting the best benchmark results I've ever had too in Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Geekbench and Cinebench R15.
  6. It was released December 23 2019 so good luck with your waiting. ASUS has already messed up so bad with this laptop model and now they can't even push a BIOS update properly through Windows update. Even the last 208 BIOS that ASUS released was installed by Windows Update and is still in my Windows folder. You don't wanna trust me no sweat off my back. Old 208 BIOS update from Windows Update in my Windows folder
  7. I have a new bios acquired from someone that got it through their Windows 10 update last month. Luck enough the file was still stored in his Windows directory and he shared it with us. It has yet to appear on the ASUS website or anywhere else that I could find. Haven't tested it much yet but no drops running in Turbo mode and even with the GPU slightly overclocked in MSI Afterburner. BIOS 300 Download https://mega.nz/#!3QEl2ahQ!qFudfEssvaBEeJcQNRv7Kb6YpShqRVfEKsJ2fbuIUBU BIOS Change Log
  8. Yes those are the settings I have changed. Are you running using Ryzen Controller sudo, as it needs root privileges?
  9. I run Arch Linux as my main OS and yeah its even worse as the CPU gets stuck at 400Mhz and requires a reboot. Ryzen Controller is available Linux and works fine to stop my throttling there also.
  10. Hello again! All I can say is WOW your throttling is so much worse then mine ever was playing anything. Made up this video to show you the game running properly, and well I think some people are probably thinking that I'm talking out my arse lol. Stop by the discord and we will do all that we can to get you running smoothly. Cheers!
  11. Have you uninstalled Ryzen Controller, deleted the appdata folders and then applied just the few settings I mentioned? If you are stuck at 3.2Ghz it sounds like something else. Have you changed the maximum power state in power options below 100%? The ASUS armoury crate also needs to be set to Turbo. I captured a video of Shadow of the Tomb Raider benchmark running twice back to back. Its hitting 94C and still no throttling.
  12. Yeah with just those set and temp at 90 it works great over here. I've been poking around in the BIOS rom file and have extracted the DSDT tables which hold all the settings that you can change in Ryzen Controller and I've found most of the stuff I need to edit. I should then be able to inject the module back into the BIOS file,flash the file and we won't have to use Ryzen Controller anymore!
  13. It appears the unit is definitely throttling due to BD Prochot, just confirmed this in HWINFO when running without Ryzen Controller. You can see in the picture that the BD Prochot has triggered and MSI afterburner shows the CPU throttling to 400Mhz. It isn't from the CPU though, as HWINFO says its from EXT which would be another device. I'm going to try just using Ryzen controller with just the VRM setting turned up and if it works then the problem with our unit is thermal throttling due to VRM's overheating. Not seeing any sensor for VRM's so I can't see what temps they are at. U
  14. See my updated post below before trying this. I've managed to find the sweet spot in Ryzen Controller to keep the laptop running the way its intended to. I was able to keep Shadow of the Tomb Raider running at 3.9Ghz with the CPU at 100% usage and got the highest numbers yet from the benchmark in it. This is easily fixable by ASUS changing the DSDT which is part of the ACPI ( power management). These variables are left by AMD to be set by the vendor of the laptop as depending on the cooling solution they need to be likely tweaked. I've seen some users modify these set
  15. Hey, have you had any luck fixing the frame drops on your Zephyrus?

    1. Bobbydigital


      Still using Ryzen controller, see my post here for what to do. Works fine without any drops.