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  1. Hi, one old laptop I was using just had a hard drive failure. I don't really want to bother (trying to) open the computer and see if I can change the drive. I know the laptop is still working since it can still boot Batocera from a SD card. What Linux distro, if any, would you recommend for boot & use from an external USB hard drive, USB key or SD card? By the way, the laptop comes with a dual core i3, 8GB of ram and a touchscreen (said screen being the main reason I don't want to get rid of it yet) and is mainly used for education, YouTube and
  2. They are nice machines, not denying that. But there are quite a few things (such as using Linux, using old OS/software through Virtual Machines...) that I would not be able to do. And don't get me started on the headache and cold sweat inducing task of checking if my music hardware and software would work.
  3. Not sure Big Boss would allow me to try that tbh.
  4. Yes, I know I'm not the one making the decisions, and we needed a computer asap. I think that HP expect users to mostly rely on the APU. It's actually reasonably good for integrated graphics, but I think we should have upgraded to 32GB of DDR instead of the 16GB it came with.
  5. Hi, The HP pro SFF computer we're using at the office can accept a RX 550X LP 4GB GPU. This computer has a 210W 80PLUS Platinum power supply and a Ryzen 4750G cpu. Could anyone let me know of any other GPU that could be retrofitted in this computer? Something similar to the RX 550X LP in terms of size and power draw, with preferably a bit more oomph. Keep in mind it's not for gaming, we're mostly doing 3D design architectural works. Therefore, cards such as Quadro series are OK. Thanks.
  6. Hi, so it seems our current HTPC/emulation computer (a Chuwi Hero Box) is dying and I'm going to have to replace it. I'm not going to follow the same cheap Chinese computer path again and will build my own system. I will probably first use an APU (either a Ryzen 4650g or an I5-11400) and add some small GPU later. We're mostly using the computer for video (local videos from the HDD or streaming ~ Netflix and Amazon Prime), music listening, retro gaming emulation. My daughter also started using the computer to make music with her guitar and keyboard. Nothing too f
  7. Nice baby, but slightly too expensive right now. Wouldn't mind buying one someday though.
  8. Aren't development kits available to consumers? By the way, what would be the most powerful SBC available right now? Something with driver support (as a FU2 FakeFBI's answer)? eg: there's a very basic Linux for Jetson https://developer.nvidia.com/embedded/linux-tegra I was wondering if there's maybe something similar for Snapdragon that I could use. Thanks
  9. Foreword : I sincerely have no idea where I should post this message. Apologies if it's the wrong subforum. Hi, so, I'm getting bored and lazy and wish to keep myself busy. Just for the sake of it about making an ARM-based PC. I really have no further plan but to refresh my long semi-forgotten Linux skills and to learn some new things about the ARM platform. That may also finally put to rest some curiosity that lingers in the back of my brain from the Acorn Archimedes / RISC OS days. Apart from this plethora of SBC that flood the market, what could be t
  10. Hi, I was wondering if anyone has any rumor/info about forthcoming Intel NUC with Tiger Lake CPU / Xe graphics? Current models are up to 4 cores only, and I'd probably need a bit more oomph under the hood. Thanks
  11. Hi, Could anyone recommend a LGA 1200 motherboard with TB3 that is known to work with a eGPU ? It seems it's still a hit or miss with many motherboards edit : whatever motherboard size is OK, though I would prefer Mini-ITX if possible. Thanks
  12. Well, the 2009 imac CANNOT run advanced systems, obviously. It was really asking way too much from it. Older systems, of course, no problem. After all, I can play Genesis, SNES and some MAME arcade games with my very under powered Acer Spin 11 Chromebook. I'm really more worried about stuff that needs more horsepower. Being an avid follower on ETAPrime on YouTube, I've seen many SBC fail hard with PSP or N64. And the iMac isn't that powerful -- but more than enough for other uses, such as GarageBand, editing photos etc.
  13. Hi, first of all, let's hope I'm posting this in the right forum. So the day finally happened : my very old early 2009 24inch iMac died yesterday. Obviously, the computer was way too old for advanced stuff, but it was still very handy for multimedia, music, and most of all retro gaming with my daughter (using Retroarch and OpenEmu). The computer could handle any old system relatively well (Megadrive/Genesis, SNES etc.), more or less well slightly more demanding systems such as Saturn, PS1 and N64. Anything above this was asking way too much from its Core2
  14. Hi, I'm planning on a build with a Thermaltake core v21, a Ryzen 3700 and a RTX 2060. I will keep the motherboard horizontal and, therefore, the GPU fans will send air right against the side panel. The computer will be a small workstation, not a gaming computer, and will sit under a desk. Nothing fancy. My question: to your opinion, would it be better to keep the glass panel on the side, or should I rather put the glass panel on top and move the mesh panel with fans on the side? I'm really worried about having the GPU so close to the glass panel, with no
  15. Hi, I own a Acer Spin 11 Chromebook that will soon be turned into a media player. I'm covered video-wise, thanks to a cheap hub with all the video outs that I need. Main problem is audio, since my only audio out is currently the headphone jack. I wish to be able to plug the Chromebook to my old but trusty sound system, preferably digitally. Anyone could recommend a not-too-expensive-thanks USB-C hub or adapter that : offers a TOSLINK out is known to have zero issue with a Chromebook Thanks!