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  1. Well I am mostly going to start using it on VR chat and other VR chat type communities. I am just really wanting to use my headset/microphone combo that I have instead of risking the horrid microphone that the Rift S has supposedly. So do you think for stuff like VR chat I’d be able to continue to use my external microphone and headset combo?
  2. So I just recently bought the Rift S. My understanding is audio quality isn’t amazing but also not the worst. However, I heard that the microphone is 95% of the time absolute crap!! I was wondering instead of plugging a headset into the 3.5mm jack, would it be possible to use a headset microphone external source? Say for example just simply choosing the external headset and microphone as the source for audio as well as microphone? I’d rather just use my external headset/microphone than risk using shabby built in crap.
  3. Yeah I am looking into the X570 Aorus Pro, thanks for the suggestion! I appreciate your time and advice. Just making sure that I get a decent amount of USB ports. As previously mentioned my current PC has 4 on the front/top of the case and the rear has about 10 or so.
  4. So for a higher end board with more native USB ports on the rear IO, what would you recommend? Add-in cards? Not sure what you mean by that. USB hubs, I am guessing those are like those external USB things that give you the ability to hook up more USB devices. Well I stream, or at least used to. I have quite a few devices and things that hook into the USB ports atm. I don't utilize all 14 or 15 USB ports I have but I do use about half. I think about 6 or 7 ports are occupied. Plus some of the others have gone bad and do not recognize any device that gets put into them. So I also use t
  5. So this is the entire build that I have looked at so far and not yet actually purchased but all the parts I am considering: - i7-9700K- 3x 120mm RGB Fans- Corsair Hydro Series RGB 240mm Liquid CPU Cooling System- 1TB Samsung 970 EVO Plus PCIe NVMe M.2 SSD- 32GB 3200MHz Trident RAM- GIGABYTE Z390 AORUS ULTRA Motherboard- 1,000 Watt Power Supply- EVGA GeForce RTX 2080Ti FTW3 Ultra Gaming 11GB GDDR6
  6. I may not be using all 15 USB ports but I do use probably about half of them maybe a bit more. I have quite a few USB devices hooked up to my current PC.
  7. So with all that being said, how do you feel about the motherboard I mentioned in my 1st post? Any opinions and think it has enough USB ports?
  8. i7-9700K and yes I plan on overclocking. Currently just seeking a motherboard with at least 10 USB Ports but would like to have up to 14.
  9. Hey there everyone, New to the forums here but I have watched quite a few of LTT's videos on YouTube. Anyway moving on, I needed some help and info on what kind of motherboard I should get for my new upcoming PC build. I am typically looking for a motherboard with multiple USB ports. My current PC has about 15 USB ports, at least externally. I am aware or at least think that some motherboards have a few internal USB ports on the motherboard itself. I guess what I am saying is that I would want as many USB ports on the tower/outside of the build as I can possibly get. Any suggest