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  1. DDU is display driver uninstaller. Download Nvidia drivers first then use DDU in *safe mode* Then install the Nvidia drivers normally.
  2. UwU but only with bad airflow case or "liquid cooling" shenanigans... (this is after playing a game + streaming @ 1440p) Idk, is OPs case one with a glass front, or mesh? I cant see it properly... I have WINDOWS balanced power plan and I get like 40-45c watching yt, etc, or lower, but I agree depending on use case 50+ isn't out of the ordinary.. its OPs idle temps that are quite high, which of course translates to high(ish) load temps. 35-40c is normal "idle" temp imo (room temp 20c, all day long, with few exceptions during summer/ win
  3. Ok, but how do I actually do that, won't the cpu overheat without the fan ?
  4. nope that's less than I get with a 940MX laptop gpu... I think the 32c thing just means the card is dying? But im not sure how to confirm or fix this.. You could definitely try DDU drivers, maybe its just a glitch.
  5. Exactly the same issues I had. With that same board. (different case from the one above, I returned the b450 as it was non functional)
  6. Its for example RAM compatibility, reliability, etc, msi bios is just poor on average... i had to wait ~2 years for a stable bios that supports my cpu properly for example- and its still not great - but at least they fixed it i guess. After 2 years. Basically as I said update your bios and hope that fixes it. Also chipset driver from AMD, *not* msi...
  7. Heh, the worst possible combination... Try updating the BIOS and chipset drivers, if that doesn't fix it i would say its time to replace the motherboard (yes, i had this motherboard, shortly, i dont care how "good" its supposed to be, its garbage, so many BSODs... the problem isn't hardware, the problem is MSI bios are trash, but if you're lucky they have a working bios available by now)
  8. I mean the people telling you its an awful psu probably have a point... you had no issues with them could be just down to sheer luck... Imo, get a *good* 300w BEQUIET PSU, try it out in *this* pc... if the problem still exists... Its either the motherboard, some cables, or indeed the drive... or worst case there's a short somewhere. Basic troubleshooting, but getting a known to be good PSU is probably the most important step. Also yes, wattage matters, but I think you're kinda overestimating the importance, it doesn't matter if high or low p
  9. But with 4GB 61% would be something like 2400mb, he's using more, so it can't be x32. And generally 61% is not great, but also not an issue, unless this is always like that... seeing OP has a lot of weird background processes running, that could be it too, of course ...
  10. You can buy them with an enclosure, but theres no point, and they are expensive, the regular ones come with anti static bags usually... i just find it easier to store ,and to use honestly (put them out of the bag during usage obviously!) You only need one sata to usb3 cable really, provided you don't want to use several drives at once (you said its for backups) And no, they cost about the same or cheaper than 3.5 drives. The only downside is generally the max size is 2tb, but thats not necessarily a bad thing either, especially for external storage imo.
  11. So I can't give you a perfect solution, probably, but I have similar issues with a seagate drive, and a Toshiba drive, tbh, both are 3.5". What made it slightly better was updating the BIOS... but i still can't use these drives for longer than an hour or so, internally or externally before weird issues/ explorer crashes etc happen... So try updating BIOS, if your lucky that fixes it. For the record any and all 2.5 drives give me no issues and are generally way faster (that's partly because the 3.5 drives tend to just do nothing sometimes during file transf
  12. Checked, it looks perfectly attached no cables tangled somewhere... and, it just started again (out of nowhere, i didn't touch anything) like predicted: And now pushing / moving the fan does nothing, weirdly enough... yesterday it went and came, now its constantly... Sounds like bearings? 20211025_200114_001.mp4 Seems to start around 700rpm, at 600rpm its not doing it.
  13. Full specs? You can try resetting CMOS , its recommended after changing RAM anyways.
  14. Because the cpu instructs the gpu to put out frames, if cpu is slow and can't give out more frames the gpu can't render more frames resolution, settings, have only very limited influence on this. It's silly, but its also very old tech by now... with no alternatives in sight! ("quantum computing" probably won't be it)
  15. Which means you're cpu limited. Either overclock cpu or get a better one to improve this. Also 200fps with a 1050ti... thats pretty good, I'd be happy with that. Want more, need to spend some cash, im afraid.
  16. yeah, I know, which is why I said you might find it weird - but imo its likely, as it doesn't really matter what brand/ model, rather the combination of all parts, or its just defective units, who knows. Well something to keep in mind if you can't fix it i guess... As for the RAM, yeah, thats possible, although usually mobo manufacturers say 3200"+" u might want to check that, but however, there is no guarantee it will work. Also as always BIOS/CHIPSET drivers can make a difference.
  17. So I checked there are 4 additional rubber thingies, but all the same (small) size... Also it stopped...! Again... So I can't really test it now. But im still thinking it would be probably a good idea to replace/ rma the fan... Its definitely this fan and not the one in pull ... i mean I can hear it, and as said just slightly pushing it towards the cooler made the noise disappear immediately. I really think its the bearings now, because yesterday, when this happened, it was rattling for 3 hours , then stopped... so the i think
  18. Its likely the "unknown" psu, probably should try to find and post its specs. But yeah, with such a system it could be anything literally.
  19. Ah, ok. I was just trying to help, sorry. I cant help you with these error logs, but as said, this is likely a psu issue. You can reinstall windows and see if that fixes it re software issues (tho doubtful it will)
  20. Yeah, but its not guaranteed with this cpu according to specifications, and pretty sure unrelated to the issue