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  1. I still don't get why there wasn't a pop up... oh, maybe because it was from command line?
  2. My Russian IT "tutor" told me a similar story - he's totally into this stuff with testing AV software etc btw, he also thinks Kaspersky makes a lot of viruses nowadays because no one really makes them anymore to prevent going out of business... however, he still recommends it because "it's actually good". But that was enough for me to convince me to never use this crap, also I tried it once it basically took the whole pc hostage, no, no, no, tyvm lol ~
  3. who now? ugh another third party soft. I hate those, 99% are trash tbh. Seriously though, what's wrong with windows defender? I mean besides that it never finds anything but false positives like trainers, sometimes even just random mod files and that's about it... which is where my double approach comes into play, I always check with defender and if it thinks it found something I double check with malwarebytes... which then will basically always tell me "Pup" which is fine because I want the Pup, I need it, that's why I dl it, I know what it does, it's not unwanted at all, b
  4. I really thought Samsung odyssey was a phone... Anyways. what Display type is this? [important] As a fellow member of the same display type crew [most likely] I can tell you there's absolutely nothing you can do to fix this as it is an inherent and well known issue with this display type... you can make it less bad for certain scenarios, doesn't mean it won't crop up much worse elsewhere... Personally I don't really care I think it's much worse watching videos than playing games, and I barely watch videos. EDIT: Ok I che
  5. Is this what happens every time? if that's the case I'd definitely DDU any gpu drivers and reinstall radeon driver first thing... if that doesn't work normal troubleshooting would be the next step. what gpu do you have anyway? probably I missed it...
  6. keep in mind uninstalling ≠ DDU, as generally the normal way of uninstalling leaves traces of the software behind, which is why a program like DDU might be necessary. Not saying it is always necessary, but if there are issues already then it's certainly recommended. I'd probably even DDU the AMD drivers too just to be sure (but not at once, one after another of course)
  7. what signs, for example? that seems like pretty relevant info that could help to solve this issue...
  8. Almost sounds like ghosting. can you try another monitor?
  9. I think that may play a not insignificant role, even though it doesn't really for me personally (it wasn't even hard to get a 3070, I did have to wait for the right moment however, currently pretty much anything is sold out...) but I think generally the bigger concern is the perceived "waste" of energy... I don't really believe that there wouldn't be better investments to be made with less ecological damage... those cards and equipment + electricity cost a lot... though I'd need to do the math for that, my impression, and of others obviously, is that this kind of thing really doesn't make sens
  10. Thats true, and in fact we should do that (especially as a b350 owner) but it's also true nvidia is just vastly more popular and bigger (in the gpu space at least) hence the scrutiny over something like this would be bigger and more thorough too. But I think the real issue is them locking this feature to certain hardware, seemingly arbitrary, indeed... that shouldn't fly - at least not without a 'good' explanation.
  11. It was definitely "metallic" and "electrical"... turns out it wasn't electrical at all but definitely "metallic"... Just let it run, even idle, and put your ear on the back of the psu - you should definitely hear something - that's the only way I can hear my psu fan at all - if yours isn't spinning that's even better to hear any weird humming... otherwise yeah, I suspect it's just the case fans, maybe the case is vibrating a bit too.
  12. So you didn't get a pop up for file corruption as per this article? I'm on phone so I'm not sure if I missed it, but looks like you had to restart manually, is that expected behavior, I thought it would corrupt and restart "immediately"?
  13. Tbh, I just listened to it... it sounds fairly normal and definitely like pc fans... (about twice as loud as mine if I had to guess, if this is idle... ) Are you sure it's the PSU, does the fan even spin? I don't hear a "hum" audio quality isn't great though, but still ok'ish I suppose. PS: btw regarding loud case fans... the case can actually make a huge difference... I had a nzxt case for a week, the fans were all extremely loud, even the noctuas... simply because the case is very flimsy made out of cheap, thin metal with no regard to sound design whats
  14. While I understand this line of thinking... my PC has always been rather silent - I do hear the cpu fan and the 2 noctua intake Fans, as they're constantly spinning, but that's it, and it's very silent anyway, just audible... I even made a thread recently because my MONSTER energy drink was making louder noise than my PC and I thought something was broken (I actually suspected the PSU) lmao... So when I then actually had "coil whine" due to using "weird" Bequiet pcie cables... it was absolutely unacceptable, because it was *really* loud even over all the case fans that are quite au
  15. Yeah, and the drive letter, which in turn would mean windows is not on C anymore... the comments I read suggested that should work, so it'd be interesting to test I guess. Edit: @Master Disaster everything I read suggests that Windows can be installed on *any* drive! Edit 2: wrong quote... sorry (fixed). well I think it should work PS: I think the issue is third party programs that expect windows to be on C, so they get bugged out or corrupted..
  16. No, especially for a company that advertises with "quiet is ok but silent is better" (aimed at Bequiet obviously) this is not "ok"... FYI: I don't hear my Bequiet PSU at all, literally my Toshiba hard drive (which is very inaudible most of the time) is louder lol.
  17. yeah, I didn't know this $i30 thing was apparently a really important thing of the structure in windows, or NTFS... I'm sure there are ways to fix this issue but it doesn't seem easy, also makes me want to just ditch NTFS all together lol (I know that'd be a pain, and I *don't* know if programs including windows itself would even work on something like FAT32 etc...) PS: it's really interesting they don't even know why this even triggers the "corruption" yet apparently ...
  18. That would be really stupid because this "lie" could be easily uncovered, as it is right now, but then again it's AMD so....
  19. If you're doing this... after you got some results, try renaming your C drive to H: or something, I'm pretty sure that'd fix / prevent it! (no, not my idea, but seems like it could work... for now...)
  20. would fixing that broken registry entry be an acceptable "fix"? I mean now I'm just wondering how they'd actually fix it...
  21. Personally I wouldn't mind, but that's taking things a bit far imo... So it *is* that easy... see that's exactly what I didn't understand in this article, yes block them all I say, should at least give the user the option to do so if they wish. Edit: unless really nearly every program in existence uses this string, then that wouldn't be a good solution obviously!
  22. And why can just "$i30" not be blocked? I don't really understand why the rest matters...
  23. Thats "kinda" good news, heh. yeah i think it's kinda unlikely it's the hard drives again... could also be a faulty mobo that corrupts hard drives or something, I mean your hard drives are new, iirc? anyways check them and then send the motherboard in, hopefully that's it.
  24. yeah slightly sensationalist is what I meant. Also in the first paragraph they explain that you can get it any time while browsing, because... And then get kinda lengthy about shortcuts and zips, it's just not written well not the first time I notice this with this outlet, but that's whatever, I just had wished for more clear information... like for example why defender can or cannot recognize this string (seems easy enough) or why Microsoft refused to do anything when their alleged mantra is security over everything...
  25. yeah i read this, it isn't really clear at all to me, and, in that regard, the article is written really badly and kinda sensationalist. So it can fix the problem, but it's not guaranteed basically? What was the version with the corrupted chkdisk again?