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    Midwest USA
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    I play Rust and I played CSGO until valve made it F2P
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    I work at a place literally called the shack


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    Ryzen 5 2600
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    AMD Radeon RX 480 8gb
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    1TB HDD
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    AMD Spire
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    Windows 10

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  1. @dizmo Well my budget is probably a little under the $1000 USD mark but I can be a little loose with that and I'm completely comfortable with upgrading parts.
  2. I've been looking at Lenovo's line of workstation laptops specifically the P series and some of the newer models are just a little too expensive for my budget. However the old P50 is equipped with an Xeon processor and plenty of RAM and also nicely fits my budget. My question is if the P50 is still relevant today especially if its even compatible with newer versions of Solidworks and other CAD software. Would it be worth the money to go ahead and try to buy a newer P53? I plan on attending college next fall for mechanical engineering so keep in mind this will be for student use. Also, if you h
  3. @dizmo are there any other lenovo laptops you recommend for engineering applications on a budget? The Lenovo Legion Y series also seems to be promising.
  4. @Wellingtonzed Yeah, I'd assume I would need to do some updating to any budget laptop. It does look like a good deal though so thank you for the recommendation. However, is ASUS a fairly decent brand for laptops? There seems to be a lot of "horror stories" in the reviews of some of their products. Also yes I meant 800USD
  5. For an usual air cooled desktop you would probably want to be in the 40-50c region but cooling can be an issue for laptops. I recommend you invest in a laptop cooling pad, they can make a huge difference to temperatures and help performance. I had a friend who had bought a razor laptop recently and had the same issue and a cooling pad definitely helped. They're typically around $20-$40 on amazon. You should be able to limit the ghz in the bios settings depending on if the motherboard allows it but I would definitely do some research before messing with that.
  6. So, I am familiar with pc rigs I have a simple setup with a Ryzen 5 2600, 16gb RAM, and a RX 480 8gb (yes I know it sucks). Anyways, I am about to go into college with a mechanical engineering major in mind but I don't know what brands and models to be looking at for laptops. I need something affordable that can run CAD modeling programs and software such as Solidworks. I would definitely not mind having something that is going to last as well. My price range is probably around the $800 dollar mark, but if I absolutely need to I could probably wiggle it up to $1k.