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  1. So I have preformed a clean OS install, formatted both drives and pc was feeling fine as I was downloading regular apps like icue etc. But the suddenly out of nowhere it started this constant lag like every 2 seconds with a jittering / stuttering sound. I tried re installing nvidias drivers and restarting but it continues. Plus when shutting down monitor turns off along with peripherals but not the pc itself. I’m getting really worried now update: lag seems to have fix it self on last boot after shutting pc off for a couple of min
  2. Sorry what do you mean by this? I have 2 nvme ssd, no other drives connected sould i take out 2nd nvme
  3. So I actually have the a usb with the os from when i first build the pc about a year back, how do I go about it to preform a clean install. Also will I lose my windows product key?
  4. I see, any clue on why the win rar pop up would appear when booting
  5. Not when I am monitoring it, however sometimes I hear the fans kick up and when I open it for a slight second the cpu process is 80% or above at times. I've started to monitor gpu process now since I had the tab hidden in task manager for some reason. I was mainly looking at temps and and gpu utilization from shadowplay overlay
  6. Hello I stream as a hobby. A few days ago one viewer sent me a link for a fan page he created. Blindly trusting I opened it ( I know dumb ) and even though it is a site from wix I'm worried it may have infected my PC with something. Suspicious sings (photos): I've notice some occasional lags and quick freezes that weren't a thing before "Archive name and parameters" winrar pop up on latest boot (FYI the send archive by email and then delete option were checked when pop up came up) Warmer temps Ob
  7. Hi people from LTT, I've just build my first PC and I have everything up and ruining. How ever when installing the motherboard drivers I run into the issue that I can't run the MEU update tool and a message "AsIO.sys !!(5))" pops up, any help would be welcome it is literally the only diver I've yet to install. I have unlocked the file before extracting. Things I've tried: downloaded the file directly to the PC/unlocked/extract (from an ROG forum) 1.) Unpack the MEUpdateTool .rar file to a formatted USB flash drive. 2.) Temporarily disable your AV.3.) Once unpac