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  1. That part heats up for me too. I think that's normal because that's the region where the CPU and GPU sits. But there is definitely issues with the cooling system they implemented on this lap.
  2. The model which i received has no noticeable coil wine. The laptop has a warranty of 1 year from the date of purchase.
  3. i see, mine never even goes to 4Ghz, it almost always stays at around 3.7Ghz.
  4. yeah lot of people have done this to reduce the temps in this system, just make sure you take off the entire thing intact so that you can stick it back in( if you wanna preserve warranty). Oh and apparently removing the metal covers inside reduces the temps too, but there is no way to do this without snapping them off.
  5. how are your CPU clock speeds while gaming?
  6. How much fps are you getting on average? I don't have a good idea about thermal pastes. BTW how much are your cpu and GPU temps and clockspeeds now while gaming?
  7. The igpu will always work because it is directly connected to the monitor. Your nvidia GPU will do the calculations and send it to the igpu, the igpu then processes it and displays it to your monitor. Therefore disabling it will not help you in anyway and that is why you always see a load in your igpu.
  8. You can download it here https://www.asus.com/supportonly/GA502DU/HelpDesk_Download/
  9. Hey guys. The problem for me is that my laptop is under performing like crazy but its not consistent. In apex legends I am getting 60-80 fps with everything set to low. In COD warzone i am only getting 45-65 fps on everything set to low. The witcher 3 runs at 45-65 fps depending on the location with everything set to ultra. I am using bios Version 300 downloaded from asus website and installed it through winflash. I have also downloaded the AMD drivers because it did not support vulkan before i installed it. I am using the latest nvidia drivers. My GPU temperatures are 75-80 while gaming and m
  10. The latest bios version is 300 try upgrading to that.
  11. Thank you I'll try doing that.
  12. Have you updated the bios in the update manager in armory crate? Btw what bios version do you have and what drivers are you using? I'm not getting anywhere near 140fps
  13. the exhausts are on the right side and on the back. The air intake is below the laptop and there are rubber bumps which slightly raise the laptop for airflow below. As far as i know none of these are getting blocked. Is there anything specific i can do to reduce the temps?
  14. do you have the same laptop?
  15. Sorry for the late reply. I'm not sure how to check cpu temp since ryzen master does not work with my processor and i could not find it in MSI afterburner. I am running the latest nvidia drivers and in the nvidia control panel warzone is set to use high performance nvidia processor. Edit: I've checked the cpu temps, it comes around 85-96 while playing. The operating temps are till 105 so i dont think its throttling.(checked using core temp).