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Earl Dadanur

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    Programming, Certain games, D&D 5e, Computers and Technology, and Tinkering.
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    Computer Science Major Student.


  • CPU
  • Motherboard
    Generic Dell
  • RAM
    Miss Match of 2 8 gigabyte sticks.
  • GPU
    R9 360de
  • Case
    Generic Dell
  • Storage
    500 GB hhd + 16GB Optane
  • PSU
    Dell Generic
  • Display(s)
    LG BL450
  • Cooling
    Stock Cooler
  • Keyboard
    Logitech K840
  • Mouse
    Razer Naga Trinity
  • Operating System
    Windows 10
  • Laptop
    Razer Blade Stealth late 2016
  • Phone
    Galaxy Note 8

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  1. Also this has nothing todo with getting a new card. But double check to make sure that your software is setup to use GPU encoding. Your problem might stem from that. It's at least a cheap to check.
  2. Well. At this point your best bet for buying a RTX 3080 is going to be places where: a.) Scalper don't have "easy" access. b.) You just get lucky. With the location be either online or in store. Online is most likely not going to get you anything but it is possible. So to get your best chances online look for sites that allow you to be notified when the part get's restocked. Then sign up for as many of those notifications as possible. If it's an email notification you should also set your phone's email client to push rather than fetch. That way you don't have to wait the
  3. The story with this little project starts in the Fall of 2019. I was bored during a Intro into Java class. And was sitting in the front row. Wasn't going to try to play games. But I figured I could tinker around with P5.js. I had also watch this video during the summer and figured I'd try to make my own. And while It isn't as polished as Sebastian Lague's but I plan on continuing to improve it. I've also been using it to practice using git and GitHub as well. If your interested in seeing the current public version here's the link: https://earl-animal-project.glitch.me/. It being a personal pro
  4. So I have kind of a jank setup. But it boils down to I have a 4 port USB hub that runs to a USB switch. With the switch then leading to my laptop or my desktop. When I'm on my laptop I never have issues with what ever is plugged into that hub. But as soon as I click the switch to go to my desktop if I do anything "stressful" (Load a game from an external drive not plugged into the hub.) on any of the USB ports on the desktop everything plugged into USB acts as if it loses power. Both ends of the switch lead into USB 3.0 ports. I've also had it where if I have things plugged into USB on the des
  5. Just a bit of an update for anyone who happens to find this. Not completely sure but I think I figured out what caused the problem. It seems that while the SSD I had purchased says that it is NVME it is not entirely correct. While I still don't have another computer that supports NVMe to test this it's the best that I can gather. I recently purchased a KIngston A200 and installed it into the same laptop. And it does work. So my best guess is that the WD Blue NVME is not actually NVMe. But then again I can't prove this. I can just say what I have observed.
  6. That's what I was thinking. But it's not looking like I'll have to. I checked the computer I'm working with and it's Dell's 8 pin connector. I miss remembered what PSU I was replacing and thought I had an ATX12VO. Though the power supply I'm replacing does only output 12 volt like the ATX12VO standard. Either way brought about an interesting discussion.
  7. Well I found an example. And while it isn't a ATX12VO connection I don't see why the same thing can't be done for that connector. https://www.dell.com/community/Optiplex-Desktops/Optiplex-3020-7020-9020-XE2-Dell-8pin-ATX-MB-pinout/td-p/7538164 It appears that Dell has their own version of a 12 volt only power. Except instead of using 10 pins it uses only 8 pins eliminating a 12 volt power line and the reserved pin. Examples of the pin outs for the Dell and the ATX12VO being found in those hyperlinks. It seems that at the moment that since ATX12VO is still relatively new that n
  8. Yes but Corsair isn't the only one who could produce something like that.
  9. Is there a version that will take a 24 pin plug and convert it to the ATX12VO 10 pin though?
  10. Instead of having the adapter link the 5 volt standby run into the 12 volt standby pin just have a different 12 volt line run into the standby.
  11. Just and idea but what if I just used a different 12 volt wire? Wouldn't that just mean that their would be no standby power? Wouldn't that just mean the USB ports wouldn't provide power when the computer is off?
  12. So could I test this by just plugging it in without major risk to the motherboard?
  13. Alright then. Now where to find one or how to make it is all I need to figure out then.