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  1. Parts List (Updated) NOTE: I have an additional 960GB SSD, so storage won't be much of a problem. Thank you all for the input, I really appreciate it. I swapped out the Samsung evo for a 1TB Crucial P1 (~$18 more for twice the capacity) and swapped in the ripjaws cl16, as well as a better case (big thanks to VeganJoy and TechWizard for the detailed advice). I'll hold off on the CPU to see what zen 3 will look like, but how does it look now? Any other changes I should make?
  2. Budget: ~$1700 USD (+/-$200) Country: US Parts List (RTX 3070 to be added later) I'm planning on using it primarily for gaming. I'll be adding two drives of my own as well (128GB SATA m.2 and 960GB SATA SSD). Hoping to build it in about 3 months or so. How does it look? Anything need to be swapped? Any alternatives? And is the Monitor a good choice? Any advice is appreciated!
  3. I have 2 SSDs that I put on myself: An M.2 Patriot 128GB SSD and a Kingston 960GB SSD
  4. This is mainly theoretical, but I was wondering about the possibility of pulling out the drives on my laptop (or imaging onto a new storage device), then slapping onto a new rig and going from there, taking care of any necessary drivers and software. The idea is so that I wouldn't have to go through and download everything all over again. Would there be any issues or complications with swapping like that? Current specs are on my profile. Thanks :)