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  1. I'm looking for a new keyboard, preferably backlit. I am tired of my blackwidow elite cause of the RGB and heard ducky keyboards were good. After hearing they have terrible spring noise and they aren't backlit I wonder if they are really the one for me. I really like the look of it though. So I go to glorious, hot swappable, RGB so I can make it backlit, but their aesthetics aren't as good and I don't know if I can replace their ugly keycaps with a good looking one from amazon and they're really expensive. So my question is: are ducky keyboards good? Where can I get a easy custom keyboard buil
  2. I have a hand-me-down h115i pro and I am only missing the AM4 Bracket. Corsair told me to buy the wrong one and I can't figure out what I need cause the one on their site is out of stock and probably won't be in stock for awhile. The bracket Corsair says I need A bracket I found on ebay. Would this work?
  3. Good idea but unfortunately that doesn't work.
  4. My blackwidow elite cannot copy but it can paste. All keyboard shortcuts work except ctrl c. Ctrl v works, so does ctrl a but not c. My blackwidow elite and naga trinity are both listed as keyboards and mice and I have 2 HID Keyboard Drivers. I've uninstalled the drivers repeatedly and nothing works. Is it a driver or my keyboard?
  5. I use 2 separate cords for my GPU. How do I check if it is my PSU? What is a power plug splitter?
  6. I tested it and I cant tell if it is coil whine. Either way its not too bad, really bad when I'm idle cause nothing else is drowning it out and in my life, I've been a loser. Sooo unlucky. So I can only get it replaced once under warranty and it'd probably get replaced with a worse coil whining card. Besides I'm pretty sure cards can develop coil whine
  7. I got my GPU from microcenter and it's under warranty afaik and they take literally any complaint. I returned a PSU because of the cable colors so idk
  8. I think my 5700XT may have coil whine. I have the 5700XT Sapphire Nitro+. I first noticed it weeks after building my PC and launching Siege for the first time in awhile. It was a really high pitched noise compared to the rest of the system and easily stood out. I looked up other coil whines and the other sounds sounded more "grainy." This sounds like fan noise but high pitched. It's probably coil whine but I'd like a second opinion. Anyone have any ideas of what it is and how to stop/reduce it? The coil whine is constant.
  9. it seemed to have worked. it has not appeared on adrenalin in awhile so thanks my guy
  10. I tried that earlier and it doesn't work either EDIT: Maybe it did. I'll have to do some further testing
  11. i just tried it out and it didn't work
  12. This green bar appears at the bottom of every youtube video when I use dual monitors. It's probably because I jerry-rigged an old af Ipad to act as a second monitor, it literally is a second monitor but very laggy. Anyone have any ideas?