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  1. yup, it worked and everything's great now. Thanks!
  2. when i right click it the "extend volume" option is grayed out and i cant click it. Only shrink volume
  3. I cloned my 120GB SSD to my new 250GB Samsung EVO SSD but now when I open up my file explorer, it only shows that 109GB is available.
  4. i recently bought 16GB Corsair ram and found out that my ram is not detected when in B2 slot (A2 and B2 are dual channel). I don't want to go through the hassle of replacing the entire motherboard so I put it into B1. Now the ram sticks are next to each other, one in dual channel and one in single. How does this affect performace?
  5. I'm debating between selling my two monitors and get a 1440p 144hz one, or sell one monitor (keeping one to use, which is a 1080p 144hz) and use that money to get 16GB of ram and a 250GB NVMe. Right now i'm rocking a 1060 6GB so i'm not sure if it can handle 1440p but I don't mind scaling it down and/or lowering settings. I also have a 8GB 2666MHz ram stick and a 120GB SSD. Thanks for any advice!