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    Saint-Petersburg, Russia (unfortunately)
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    Video editing


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    Ryzen 3960x
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    Asus TRX40 Pro Prime
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    64Gb Corsair 3200 MHz
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    nVidia 2080 Ti Founders Edition
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    NZXT H710i
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    Corsair MP600 2Tb PCIe Gen4
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    Corsair HX1200i
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    LG 32GK850G
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    EKWB Custom
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    Steinberg UR22 MK II
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    Windows 10 Pro

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  1. Hello everyone! I recently installed EK Flow indicator into my custom loop. After around 3 weeks I noticed a weird rattling sound from it. I turned off all the fans inside the case and put my ear next to the Flow Indicator. I can clearly hear that the rattling sound comes from it. It is not super loud but it is quite noticeable, especially in a noiseless environment. I've never used flow indicators, so I am curious - is it normal or I have a faulty one?
  2. Hello there! It's been a while and I recently decided to do a maintenance of the White Ripper. You know, you have to flush the loop once a year. However, it's been 15 months until I finally managed to do it. I also decided to do some upgrades here and there. I am going to replace the pump, the water block, and the fans. In order to do it I need to get a Corsair Commander Pro. As a little bonus to my loop I got a flow indicator. I don't know why. Anyway, everything is ready for the procedure: Very nice fittings from Corsair, I really like those. T
  3. Kisai, thanks for a detailed answer! So, I guess there is no reliable ups for a powerful PC. On top of that they do not last long like you mentioned. This is what I was thinking about after having read about all those ups. So, I guess I'll just stick with my surge protector from APC. Thanks again, man!
  4. Hello, guys! So, recently I've been thinking about buying a UPS unit for my PC. I did some research and I am a bit confused because it appears that there are many to choose from and they seem to be very different from each other. So, what I need is a UPS that will give me couple of minutes to shut down my PC in case of electricity blackout. And that's it. My PC is 1200 watt PSU (CORSAIR HX1200i), Ryzen 3960x and a single 2080 Ti. Can you guys please recommend me some solid UPS that fits my need?
  5. My Zyxel is on 5GHz mode with 802.11ac. It doesn't matter actually because I tested speed between router and my smartphone. It shows up to 490 mbps for download. So, the router is fine, I guess. I've been thinking about it. M.2 wifi is also seem to be a good thing. But both PCIe and M.2 wifi cards have mixed reviews. So, thats why I am curious what is the best hardware for PC that can easily provide stable 500+ mpbs if the router is like 9 feet away with no walls in between. Also, does anyone know how can I test connection speed between router an
  6. Currently I have Xiaomi 5GHz Router (R3G). On wire it shows up to 580mbps/sec. My PC wifi adapter is Zyxel nwd6605. It has USB 3.0 and one antenna. It provides me stable 250 mbps at the moment. So, only the half of the speed. My phone shows me up to 490 mbps/sec, so I guess the router is capable to work on these speeds. Seems like I need to buy a two antennas wifi adapter, right?
  7. Hey, guys! Lets say my ISP provides me with 555 mbps/sec internet. This speed is stable with wire connection. I have a desktop PC. What hardware do I need to buy to have this 555 mbps on wifi? Is it even possible? Lets assume I will place gigabit 5GHz router in the same room, so there will be no obstacles for the signal. Lets also assume there is no other 5GHz wifi in the area.
  8. I have brand new NZXT H710i. The paint on rivets is scratched. On the bottom I have scratches around one screw. On the backside one screw is missing in the cable management rack. The psu shroud is not detachable. Actually it is but you need to unrivet it and then rivet in back. I contacted NZXT support regarding one question about the case and they did not reply. Would not recommend NZXT for sure.
  9. Finally received cables from @CableMod The parcel came from China. I am surprised. The track number worked fine all the way. Took about 2 weeks in total. That's how they pack cables now: Not too much for the 190$ order. I saw on youtube (summer 2019) there used to be a box and a some soft of certificate or whatever: However, the quality of the cables is A+. Very accurate and solid. Thanks, cable mod! Great job!
  10. Found a good article. They testing my "type-of" usb drives. Every usb drive they tested shows around 15-25mbytes/sec write speed. Seems like my usb is operating normally for its class of devices. Ordered Corsair Voyager GTX 256GB.
  11. Yeah, I do have those. I downloaded AMD chipset drivers directly from AMD. That needed in order to make Ryzen Master work.
  12. Hello! So, recenty I've been trying to figure out why my usb 3.0 flash drive has very slow write speed I've been told that there is a feature called UASP and if my storage device support it will run faster. I launched CrystalDiskInfo to check if my 64gb Silicon Power C31 support UASP. But CrystalDisk does not see it. CrystalDiskMark does see it however. So, I went to Device manager to check Storage Controllers section: As far as I know there has to be something like "USB Attached SCSI (UAS) mass storage device". But I don't have it there. Nex
  13. Actually, I can't check it, because Crystaldisk info does not see the usb drive. Does anyone know why is that? Googling did not help much.