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Revenant Origin

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About Revenant Origin

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  • Birthday Jan 27, 1994

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  • Discord
    Revenant Origin#7209
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  • Xbox Live
    Revenant Origin

Profile Information

  • Location
    Cartersville GA
  • Gender
  • Interests
    Cyber Security, general networking and programming.
  • Biography
    Cyber Security major and programming minor.
  • Occupation
    Automotive Technician


  • CPU
    Ryzen 5 2600x
  • Motherboard
    MSI B450M Bazooka V2
  • RAM
    24GBs Corsair Vengeance LPX (2666MHz)
  • GPU
    Sapphire Nitro+ RX 590
  • Case
    Random Chinese case that does its purpose
  • Storage
    Crap ton
  • PSU
    Thermaltake 700w White
  • Display(s)
    Acer (main-landscape) and a Dell (secondary-portrait)
  • Cooling
    Coolermaster MasterLiquid 120mm and 5 uphere fans
  • Keyboard
    Razer Chroma
  • Mouse
    Razer NAGA
  • Sound
    Logitech sound system
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 Professional

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About Me

Avid computer enthusiast and builder, I cannot keep my hands off of these things. I am a bit of a procrastinator too. Currently in college obtaining my bachelors in Cyber Security and minoring in programming (either JAVA or C++). Currently engaged to a beautiful nerdy woman as well. She is the light of my life and my purpose for doing better.