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  1. if you get a 500gb ssd and 2tb hdd and there it is! planty room for rtx 3070. $500 for storage is lot of money and believe me you wont be installing all the games to ssd, just primary ones.
  2. i tried all options in dragon center but it didnt make much difference at all, but thank you for your all help, it helped me get rid of throttlestop. It working just fine.
  3. YES, i closed all the profiles and gaming mode on dragon center and it solved. THANK YOUUU *edit: There is slightly low fps performance on games tho.
  4. only throttlestop is fixing this, and its controlling cpu's throttle temps manually.. so im not really recommending it. im waiting intel or msi is going to realease an update for that.
  5. i tried several methods, from changing intel windows this data.. throttlestop worked fine but computer in general feeling little bit laggy and flickering, i also get in touch with intel turkey and msi turkey for this issue, none of them in general give me the answer that i needed. I tried bios update, bios reset, clean install windows etc. i think there is an issue with software that when open a game cpu sees the games as a very high throttle load on it and trying to lowering the voltage. i stopped using throttlestop beacuse you have to reset every app like discord spot
  6. Sorry for answering so late, i tested the core speed with league of legends, it usually dont even load my cpu, here are my logs. Here are my thermals, when you gave advice about my sensors issue, i followed the thermals and the alligment is 1 is idle, 2 is opening client, 3 is few seconds after opening client. As you can see my idle core speed is little bit fast, normally it would be around 3,70 and there is only spotify working, any thoughts?
  7. Throttlestop solve my problem, and i checked out your slow mode suggestion and my mobo wasnt open that up. Im thinking that this problem is more relevant with softwares more than hardwares. Beacuse i didnt change anything, not with fault? how can a program is force the cpu to lower the voltage and lower the mhz to 800?
  8. My power plan is set to %100 on eveything.
  9. for cpu, idle 45c load 60~65c ; for wc, idle 37,6c load 55c. but its hot inside the house. i didnt overclock or not that type things, and i didnt mentioned, when i open throttlestop its works but not like original cpu working, on app closing and opening i can feel the manual work on the cpu.
  10. Hello everyone, since 2 days, my pc working fine with no speed limit like all cores in 4.60 - 4.70ghz areas but whenever i open game or my work softwares like adobe master collection my pc locks itself on 0.79GHz, whenever i close for example league of legends or valorant or idk some game or software it normals itself, immediately 4.30GHz areas. I tried clean install of games, windows, regedit intel start data number 3-4 and throttlestop. Right now my pc act little bit laggy on my 144hz monitor, I can feel the flicking and everything. What should i do? Specs: 9700k
  11. @mariushm thanks for answering my questions, im gonna still searcing the things you guys write, what you think about the case? in that price band what is your recommendation?
  12. My mistake.. I told you wrong the thing that i wanna ask.. the thing i wanna ask is in that price range if cpu can build with 16 cores that work very well both games and render, why would intel selling cpu's with 8 cores and higher prices than AMD's? Again im sorry for explaining myself wrong and taking your time.
  13. @Lurick that site is selling parts a little bit higher, only ssd's and other stuff's cheaper but.. I wanna know that does 16 core make a visible difference than 9700k's 8 core ? and if it does can i also game too? and my other question is the ram's and ssd-hdd that i picked up can work with amd well? I know im asking a lot of question but i wanna learn a lot of things that make my render times in AE and C4d shorter. If you can answer my questions, you can make my day.. Thank you
  14. @Jurrunio @Lurick just checked and im found out amd is expensive than intels motherboard and cpus? is it like that in your countrys too?