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  1. With remote working, I got to bring my work computer home (3950x, 64gb of ram and a 2060 super (it might seem unbalance, but for what I do it's perfect)), and my personnal computer was sitting in a corner (ryzen 2600, 16gb of ram and a 2060) for 6 monts. So I decided to make a mini-itx HTPC/Vr gaming rig for my living room with parts from my personnal computer. My old Thermaltake Armor being HUGE, I choose to shrink down a lot. I just needed to buy a new motherboard (I chose the Asus A320i-k, just because it was the cheapest one and I didn't need more) and a new PSU (I chose the Co
  2. I should try to make it work honestly, but the cables are pretty ketchup and mustard, so I don't know As Vishera said, it's really a big case. Without any parts, it weights around 16kg. With everything inside it must be over 20kg. It's yuge and heavy. I sold it to get the NZXT one because it's prettier
  3. Sooo.... After many year, I decided to build up a new computer, but wanted to re-use my old case: the huge and heavy Thermaltake Armor VA8000BWS. I just thought it would be a cool project. Here is a picture of it when I got it in May of 2006 (ft. floppy disks): Pentium D 950 (I don't know why I didn't go AMD...and the Core 2 Duo was launched 2 months later...) 2gb of DDR2 667mhz Radeon X1900XT I upgraded the video card (to a Geforce 8800GT) and the ram (to 4gb) over the years, but the computer was unused since 2012, when the CPU fan broke.
  4. I know it's really random, but I had a similar problem and it was that I set my Windows wallpaper to change every minutes. It took me 3 reinstall to figure out what it was...