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  • Birthday Feb 13, 1949

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    north Idaho
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    all things tech
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    have been considered a GEEk my whole life,,,, long before it was fashionable
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    retired data acquasition and control systems tech


  • CPU
    quad core I7
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    GA-Z170X-Gaming G1
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    64G Corsair
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    Nvidea TitanXp
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    oooooooold mod
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    M.2pcieX4 and SSD
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    Sony 55" UHD,3D and Acer AL2223W
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    big fan, custom ducting
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    bloody b945 for lefty's
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    Logitech G502
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    onboard thru G430
  • Operating System
    win7 that keeps updating to 10
  1. @D2ultima Hi new to forum old to life, Probably a strange question but from what I could wade thru of this thread you are VERY likely to have an intelligent answer for it. A while back I replaced my two 660ti cards (in sli) with a Titan Xp (obscenely expensive and paid more than retail). the question: can those two cards be put in the system as physics only cards? SLI with each other (not w/Titan) used as kinda math co-processors? The worry is smoking a lot of gear! Have been playing around with a lot of CUDA programming and would like to have all the processors to wor