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  1. Understood. I use Outlet PC and B&H as well as have heard of Adorama. Frys is a new one to me but I'll bookmark so I can check them on BF/CM. Thank you.
  2. Newegg, Amazon, Best Buy.....who's the fourth?
  3. I have accounted for that with the Maximum of the build budget being $2000. If I can get a $800 part for $600, that's a better deal than a $500 part for $400-$450, even if I end up spending in total. But I should probably add some higher end stuff to the price alert list to cover my bases in preparation of BF/CM.
  4. Thank you. Hope to participate a lot. Also, that is pretty much the plan. I have price alerts set up so I get emailed if any of these parts drop to around the lowest price they've been in the last year. Thus, if a part drops that low before Black Friday / Cyber Monday, I'll consider getting it but if not, I'm waiting one more month. I think I'm going to compare the 212 EVO with the Arctic Freezer 34; that one looks great. And I just found the most up to date version of the PSU tier list (I think I was using the older version of it). So, I might go with the recommendation of Plou
  5. Hello there everyone, Just wanted to check with everyone here to make sure this build was solid and who better to ask but a forum of fellow computer / tech enthusiasts? Any helpful input or constructive criticism appreciated. Budget: ~ $1500 Preferred and ~$2000 Absolute Maximum (If Necessary) Location: Central Florida, USA Aim: Be able to play AAA titles at a minimum of High settings and watch videos / streams at a high quality. Monitors: Currently only have 1 monitor (1920 x 1080). Plan to upgrade to two monitors within 1 to 2 years. Peripherals: Keyboard and Mouse